Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fullertons Final Days

Here are some pictures from Fullerton's last few days here.

We went Halloween shopping with a friend of mine. This was one intense Halloween store and you have to be hardcore Halloween to get stuff here, it was really creepy.

Here is Fullerton checking out a corpse.
Fuller really liked this one, its like the girl from the ring climbing out from under a display.
Fuller standing in front of a creepy lady. If you pushed a button the eyes glowed and she moved and talked. Fullerton wasn't bothered by any of the crazy Halloween stuff at all.
Fullerton in front of a skeleton covered in spider webs.
Fuller in a Rasta Hat. This is the only thing he would keep on, he looks so goofy.
Another angle of the Rasta Hat.
Fullertons last day of school:

Everyone in my music class said goodbye to Fuller. It is a small class so we all know each other pretty well by now. They were always so in awe of how Fullerton could sleep through all the music and screechy sounds in that class. Everyone really liked when Fullerton would come to class.

One of my classmates put his sunglasses on Fuller.

Fullerton curled up in a ball on the floor during class.
I will miss the goofy positions he gets into in the car. I don't see how they are comfortable.
Fullerton's last outing was to the park. There were lots of little kids there and he loved all the attention.

Here he is by the park sign.
Fullerton on some of the park equipment.
Fuller wasn't a fan of this bridge, the floor moved so he hurried across.
Going up a ramp made of tires.
Fullerton at the bottom of the Volcano.
Fullerton laying at the top of some stairs.
Fullerton sitting inside a beehive.
Fullerton sitting on top of a T-rex head.
That was Fullerton's last day. He is such a good boy!!


Sarah and the Pack. said...

Looks like he had a fun time!! Better than Millie's last day hanging out with me and the flu!!