Saturday, October 24, 2009

Paris at Work

This is my third post for the night, so make sure to skim over the other two if you want. :D

I finally got the okay to take Paris to work with me. I am so happy she can come. My boss didn't even know she was there until the last little bit of my shift when I took her out potty. As I said a couple posts ago I work at a doggie day care and boarding place. She hangs out around back with me, I don't let her out with the other dogs! She does get a little concerned when I go out with them and leave her, but she will be fine. She has a nice little set up there too. A big cushy bed and toys. I have a spot to tie her down when I need her out of the way but usually she just follows me around.

Here she is in front of the small dog pen. She doesn't seem at all interested in the other dogs at all. She just likes to follow me.
Laying down while I wash all the feeding bowls. She is so patient.
And, I set up a dog bed for her and she chose the scale to lay on. (She weighs exactly 53 pounds, just in case you wanted to know. :D She is .3 pounds lighter than Fuller. . . hmm. . .
She is GREAT at work. And it really wore her out. She hasn't moved since we got home.

She has been a wonderful little puppy and I think she knows that I miss Fuller. She is being extra sweet and extra good. I just love this girl!! I don't think Paris minds being an only dog at all. She loves all the extra attention and there is more room now that the second kennel is moved out and she has the puffy princess bed with the two stacked on top of each other. She's not complaining at all. :D


Sarah and the Pack. said...

Yay Paris!!! She never really did care/react overmuch to the dogs at my work. I am glad things are going well with her and that she is being a good girl!

And I agree, double stacked princess beds ROCK!

Taelor, Pilaf, and Cartier said...

Sounds like Paris is living the high life. What fun! Sounds like she is doing really well. =D