Thursday, April 12, 2007

Big Day. . . and Phase Reports

It has been a big day today. First off there is the phase reports:

Adeline's Sibs:
Adeline 422H LAB F 1 Yes
Albright 417H LAB M 4 No
Alya 423H LAB F 1 No
Argyle 419H LAB M 1 Yes
Artemis 420H LAB M 7 No
Avery 421H LAB M 9 No

So, Adeline is still there and I think that health evals are over now. *WHEW* So she and Alya and Argyle should be in phase 2 next week. Albright moved from phase 3 to 4 YAY! Artemis seemed to have a slow start but is trotting right along now jumping from phase 5 to 7. And Avery moved from 8 to 9. He was doing almost a phase a week but then got stopped in 8 for a few weeks but is moving again to 9. WOOHOO!!! What a great litter that is.

Glennie's Sibs:
Cortez 44H2x LAB M 4 No
Gaucho 44H1 LAB M 4 No
Giovanna 44H3 LAB F 4 Yes
Glenetta 44H5 LAB F 4 No

They are all moving right along. They went from phase 3 to phase 4 this weeks. Looks like Giovanna is still on breeder watch, there may be a breeder from this litter soon.

Tahoma's babies:
Renna 487H LAB F 3 No
Rose 488H LAB F 2 No
Russ 485H LAB M 1 Yes

Well, Rae dissapeared. She was on breeder eval for a while and I really hope that she was pulled as a breeder. (Anyone know?) Rose is already in phase 2. (she went back with Adeline and Russ) Jelous! lol Looks like Russ is on breeders watch as well. He is such a sweet guy. That is all that is new on the phase report. On with the rest of the day.

Well, Sherman had his first vet visit today. He got his 12 week shots. He is such a big boy now. And, I LOVE my vet, he takes care of paperwork and he just charges GDB for vaccines and any test he has to do (that are requested by GDB) He is an old family friend so he does this for me and I love not having to fill out the form.

Anyway, Sherman was sooo good. He didn't like getting his temperature taken that much. Dr. Deggehring got out the thermometer and stuck it in Sherman's rear end. Sherman didn't wiggle or anything he just looks at me with this really pathetic look on his face and starting whining a little bit. I was holding him on the table and he stuck his head on my shoulder, it was so cute and I felt bad. But he was such a good boy to hold still like he did. But, he is perfectly healthy and was good getting his vaccine. Didn't even notice. Only one more month until his big boy shots and then he is finished for a year. YAY!! Prudy went with us because she has a bad ear infection and keeps getting them. The doctor ordered an ear culture to see if it is yeast or bacteria because he suspects that it may be allergies. I should hear from him in a few days. Hopefully it is nothing serious, but she has had ear infections at least once a month for the last couple years so it is high time we get to the bottom of this. When he did the ear culture he had to stick a swap all the way down her ear canal. She screamed, and didn't like that at all. I felt so bad, but the doctor gave her a treat afterward and he is her best friend again. lol

Sherman in the waiting room. (I am paranoid about him catching things at the vet so he sat in a chair next to me.
Sherman on the exam table.
Prudy before her exam. She was really mopey afterward but the vet gave her a treat and she was fine.

Also, I forgot to post pictures of Shermans littermates that I took from the puppy truck. They are all so adorable.
The Yellow ones are the females, Sage and Samantha. I am not sure which one is which. Then the black one is Sirocco.
Sage or Samantha?
This is Spartan. He looks a lot like Sherman, just yellow.
Spartan again.

and Spartan again.

That is all for today. See everyone later.
Megan, Prudy, Sherman, & Adeline (phase 1)