Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Virdict is in. . .

I finally got the call from the vet about Prudy's ear culture. It turns out that it is a yeast infection. (BUMMER) so she has allergies. The vet gave me two options, #1 is to change Prudy's food to Z/D which is $48 for an 18 pound bag for nine weeks and see if it gets any better, option #2 is to do a blood test and see what she is allergic to which costs $200 and then get meds $150 that can last 3-12 months and that could take up to a year to do anthing. I opted for option number 1 so I went to the vet and got the incredibly small and expensive bag of food. I am hoping it is a food allergy and not an environmental allergy so that the food works. Cross your fingers.
Megan, Prudy, Sherman, & Adeline (I talked to Lindseys friend a few days ago and she sounds WONDERFUL, I know Adeline would have a great home and they would take EXCELENT care of her, so I am still waiting to hear from GDB)


Kelsey and Chappelle said...

Aw, I hope Prudy's only allergic to food products, and not anything in the environment.