Sunday, April 22, 2007

It is time for a Sherman update. . .

Sherman is doing really well. He seems like a super confident litte guy and very smart too. He is catching onto everything just wonderfully. He almost has sit down, he does it about twenty percent of the time without me having to place him in a sit, and he also is getting the hang of walking with a loose leash. We had our second puppy class this morning and he was great. He was a little obnoxious when we traded puppies with other raisers in the group. Sherman went to a girl who recieved her first puppy on the truck when Sherman came. He definetly took advantage of her by eating anything he could find on the ground and squirming around her in circles. Our leader stepped in and he was a lot better. Then we switched back so we had our own puppies again and did a walk through the library with all the babies and Sherman did great. He handled little kids wanting to pet him and stayed on a loose leash the whole time. I am so proud of my boy. He is such a great dog.

Sherman last week on his way to his first puppy class. (Please note: The car was not moving yet and he layed down before it did.)
Sherman enjoys the lawn. He is so goofy, we will go outside and he will dive into the grass and just lay in it for a while.
He has such a cute face. And his shaved patch is starting to grow in. YAY!!!
I have a leprechaun bear named Blarny (yes, since I can't name my dogs I name everything else. ex: My car is Lola, and my computer is Vlad etc, etc, etc. lol) that usually wears this costume, but I couln't resist. Sherman didn't even care. It is almost too small, but oh, so cute.
I LOVE the little bow tie. That is such a nice touch. I think green is his color.

Sherman got his jacket at puppy class today so I took him to work for an hour. He was great! He chewed on his bone for a bit and then fell asleep.
I know it is a little fuzzy, but he looks so handsome in his jacket. This is the first time I have had a baby vest in this style. I had Tahoma when the vest switch happened and she was already in a medium then, and since her I have had transfers who come wearing mediums. So the tiny little coat is soooo very cute.

As for Adeline, her first raiser is seriously considering taking her back. She would compete Adeline in obedience and agility, which I know Adeline would absolutly LOVE. And she has a pet golden retriever who is six months younger than Adeline so they could be playmates. I think Adeline would really enjoy that, and since she already knows her first raiser the transition would not be all that bad. I know she would be well taken care of, and I would get updates. :)
I will let y'all know.
Megan, Sherman, & Adeline (in the abyss)


Sarah said...

That puppy of yours is too cute :) Coincidentally, my brother's name is Vlad LOL

Sarah and the I's

Kelsey and Chappelle said...

Aw Sherman looks just so handsome in green. I love the bow tie as well. That is good news about Adeline, that would be a good solution for her. And I agree the small puppy coats are just as cute as can be. ;)

Megan & Sherman said...

How funny that your brothers name is Vlad. What are the odds? I am really hopeing that it works out for Adeline, it really would be a wonderful place for her!

lindsey said...

Sherman is a very good boy so far! You are doing a great job with him...and he wasn't too bad with the new raiser at puppy class yesterday, he's a puppy! :)

Megan & Sherman said...

I know he is a baby, I just feel bad when my dogs act up and other raisers have to correct them. I know how uncomfortable I was correcting other peoples dogs when I first started raising. I was uncomfortable correcting my own dog back then. No problem now. :) hee hee

Tabatha said...

I love the little costume!! That is to cute!!! He really does have a cute face!! He takes good pitures for being a black lab. I had a hard time getting pics pf Gilligan cause of his color.

Joanna and Dash said...

Sherman is SOO cute!! I love the little shave patch, but it can sometimes be annoying when it doesn't grow in fast. :) I'm hoping my little girl doesn't have a shaved patch 'cause she's the only female yellow in the litter. :) Kiss Sherman for me!!!