Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Prudy's Fifth B-Day!!!!

I can't believe that my baby girl is five years old! So, to celebrate her b-day I took the day off to have a mom and daughter day. First, I took her to Petco to pick out a new harness because hers is getting rather old and ratty, we also got a furminator. (Yes, I finally gave in and got it, that brush is the most amazing thing ever, I nearly filled an entire garbage bag full of Prudy and Sherman hair. It was awesome!!) After that I took her up the canyon to go hiking. She loves hiking and I will usually have to jog to keep up but I let her lead me wherever she wants to go. Then we went back home and I gave her a bath because she jumped into a little lake/river under a waterfall (a little one) Then I made her a cake. I had a good time and I hope she enjoyed it too. I still can't believe she is half a decade old.!!!

New harness. The last one she picked was green, this time she choose red. She looks good in it.

In the little pond under the waterfall. I don't think it qualifies as a lake. lol

Hiking up some rocks. She chose the most dificult way to get up the mountain. But she loved it and once we got to the top the view was AMAZING!!!!
Prudy takes in the beautiful view.

Back in the lake on the way down the trail.
Prudy gets a bath, and of course we can't leave Sherman out.
Prudy waits impatiently while I put icing (pureed cottage cheese) on her cake.
I was a cake decorator for a day about a year ago. That skill finally came in handy while decorating her cake with shredded carrots and peanut butter.
Finished product.
Prudy REALLY wants to eat her cake.
The cake is finally ready. Prudy waits patiently for the "okay"
MMMM. . .the best cake ever!!!

The next picture you are about to see is the most grotesquely amazing picture that I have ever taken. It was totally a fluke but it turned out awesome.

You can totally tell how much she enjoyed her cake.
This is how Sherman enjoyed Prudy's b-day. I was so sad that he isn't old enough to go hiking or to the pet store, so he stayed home most the day. He didn't complain though.

So Prudy had an eventful b-day. Of course she didn't eat the whole cake. The rest is wrapped up in my fridge. I may pull it out and give her a little piece every once in a while. What a lucky spoiled dog. She is glad to not be a PIT otherwise she wouln't get those fantastic b-day treats. (Last year she got Frosty Paws Ice Cream, and loved it)
Megan, Prudy (the big b-day girl), Sherman, & Adeline


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Prudy!

Indiana wants to know if he can come live with your mom on his birthday-he never has had a cake and I know he would LOVE that peanut butter!


The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

AWW Happy Birthday! That was one awesome cake. Any dog would be jealous.

M*Dogs said...

Happy Birthday Prudy! It seems like a couple days ago we brought her home from CA.
That pic of her is the most amazing action shot I've ever seen of a dog eating! Haha! I love it! Is that Bridal Veil Falls? I miss it! I used to take MJ up there all the time and she would swim in the "lake" at the bottom of the falls. She LOVED it! her person says she was SO excited to go on a hike at Multanoma Falls while in training, but very dissappointed when she couldn't go swimming!

Megan & Sherman said...

Yes it does. I remember holding my little girl in my arms for the first time and falling in love with her instantly! It is Bridal Veil falls, we take the path in and Prudy will jump in the lake on the way up and then take some random rock path up the falls and then on the way down she jumps back into the lake. She loves it. Too bad MJ couln't jump into Multanoma Falls but, alas, her partner probably wouln't appreciate that too much.

Tabatha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRUDY!!!! That cake looked awesome Megan. What did you make it with?? Prudy looked like a queen waiting for her cake :) Too cute!!!!

Runza said...

Happy 5th Birthday Prudy.

Looks like you really enjoyed it - Did you give your mom a big kiss with that mouth to tell her thank you! Especially after that one pic where you really got into the cake.

Megan & Sherman said...

It is a peanut butter carrot cake with a pureed cottage cheese iceing, and then peanut butter and shredded carrots as a garnish. It looked so good but tasted awful. (yes out of curiosity I tried it.) Yes she did try to kiss her mom with her big sloppy tongue. But her mom ran around the kitchen screaming, "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!" My family just stood there and laughed while I tried to dodge the wild tongue. Pretty funny to watch, I am sure.

Avril said...

Happy Belated B-Day Prudy!!!
Wow-5 is old! :P

Lacey said...

So, that picture cracked me up. Find a contest somewhere and enter it! It is awesome!