Friday, May 25, 2007

Sherman and the cow

A few weeks ago for puppy class we went to Thanksgiving Point. (It is a great place, they have a petting zoo, flower gardens, a dinosaur museum and all sorts a other stuff) We walked around the flower gardens and then looked at some animals. We were also allowed to get on a horse drawn cart with all of our dogs and had a ride around the place. It was such a good experience for our dogs. I just snapped a few pics while we were there. It was a lot of fun, the dogs got to meet chickens, bunnies, horses, llamas, peacocks, goats, and cows. Sherman wasn't too interested in any of the animals except the cow that he got to touch noses with. It was so cute. I just missed getting a picture of the cow licking Sherman on the nose.
Sherman on the carriage ride. He spent most of the ride laying on Hartley who is the baby of the group. He is a month younger than Sherman and has such a cute face. (unfortunatly you can only see his other end in this pic)

Sherman and the big cow


raiserally said...

SO CUTE!!! Give the big little guy an extra pat for me!

Runza said...

Oh, wow - that's some great socialization. What a brave puppy around that cow!

Tabatha said...


Brittany said...

Sherman is such a cutie! I can't wait to get my little boy!