Saturday, May 12, 2007

Random facts

Here is a random fact: It is VERY awkward to have people ask you about guide dogs while you are trying to figure out if your little sister would rather have disney princess or floral underwear. Maybe next time I will leave the cutest little puppy home and not attract that kind of attention to myself. :)

I was checking out at the store the other day and the cashier notices Sherman and commented on how cute he was. The bag boy also joined into the conversation.
Bag boy: "A dog, where's a dog?"
Cashier: "This lady has one right there." (pointing at the ground)
Bag boy: (peeks around register) "Oh, it's a guide dog"
Me: "in training"
Bag boy: "He isn't your guide dog?" (He looked really confused)
Me: "No, he is in training to be a guide dog for the blind."
Bag boy: "Oh, I didn't know they needed to go through training."

Hmmm. . . some people

Here is another one,
Customer at work: "You got a new one."
Me: "Yep, this is Sherman, he has been a great puppy so far."
Customer: "So how old is he, around a year right."
Me: "Nope, he is about fifteen and a half weeks old."
Customer: "OMG!! He is HUGE!!!"
So apparently my little 29 pound boy looks like he is a year old, I hope no guide dog is that size at a year old. There is no way they would be able to guide. lol. After he left, I burst out laughing so hard.

Megan, Prudy, & Sherman (who apparently is HUGE)


Sarah said...

I had a pup on a swap one time that was probably Sherman's size, maybe a bit bigger (he was like 5 months old). I was sitting outside a grocery store and someone asked how old he was. Then asked, after I said 5 months, if he was my guide dog. Yes, we like to put them out nice and early over at GEB...

Sarah, Indiana, and Gibson (for one more day)

Runza said...

Oh, that post was an abolute riot!!! Reminded me of the time a guy came up and waved his hand about 8 inches from my face and asked if I could see him because I had a guide dog. No amount of explaining could get him to understand Runza was in training.
People are so funny.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I'm a guide dog handler and I get the same problem but reversed. No one believes my girl is NOT in training and that we are a guide dog team.

No matter where we are, guide dog handlers, trainers or raisers we always have interesting stories about people that we encounter.

Thought I'd say hi, been reading your blog a bit.

Michelle and Miss M