Friday, May 4, 2007

Phase Report Day!!! & Meet our new friend

They are all still doing good, YAY!!!

Adeline's Sibs:
Albright 417H LAB M 5 No
Alya 423H LAB F 3 No
Argyle 419H LAB M 3 No
Artemis 420H LAB M 8 No
Avery 421H LAB M 10 No

Glennie's Sibs:
Cortez 44H2x LAB M 5 No
Gaucho 44H1 LAB M 5 No
Giovanna 44H3 BRDEVL LAB F 4 No
Glenetta 44H4 LAB F 5 No

Homies kids:
Renna 487H LAB F 5 No
Rose 488H LAB F 3 No
Russ 485H LAB M 3 No

Meet Lucy Vial!!!
This is Lucy she is a two year old female lab/german shorthair pointer mix. She belongs to my cousin who is going to Africa until August to build schools for the kids out there. Her roomate is going to keep her during the week and I will have her on weekends while the roomate is working. She is a really sweet girl and has such a cute face. Her and Prudy get along really well too and Prudy loves having a dog her size to play with. I love her coloring too. She is a liver color on her feet and gets darker up her body until it is black, her tail is black and goes liver towards the end, and she has white spots on her legs face and chest. She also has a long dewclaw her right hind foot. It is interesting. We are going to have fun this summer!

Megan, Prudy, Lucy, & Sherman (no more Adeline, she is having fun with her new mom)