Wednesday, May 9, 2007

More on Adeline

I got pictures of my girl at her new house. She looks so happy and I know that is where she was meant to be. Here is an update her new mom sent me.

Adeline has loved going to the beach - and yes - in the water. She enjoyed her bath too. Since I switched her to Flint River Ranch food she has stopped shedding. She loves to run free and chase tennis balls with other dogs. She has a good solid recall from a distance. She weighs 56 lbs (Madeleine is 60) so I have a handful.
In agility (intro) they do go over and on obstacles. We did "tunnel" - she adored that, "Tire" jump through suspended tire. A-frame (climb up and down). First series of classes is on leash. She is very eager to do everything so far. Each class introduces a few new things. Madeleine is more advanced and we are working on weave polls - these are a challenge for dogs. Also we now work objects in sequence for speed and control. It's a bit of a mind game for the handler. All in all I think Adeline is very happy. She looks at me with those very grateful eyes each time she is allowed to do something new. I'm also fortunate to have her as my own dog.

I just couldn't be happier with the outcome of Adeline's CC. The more I think about it the more I realized she just wouldn't be a happy guide dog. She would do it just to please but wouln't really love it. She needs to do something that she loves. And she has definetly found it.

Adeline at the puppy truck with Mick and her new mom.
Adeline and Madeleine meet. Her new mom said that they had a great romp and already love eachother.
Adeline and Madeleine play. (Adeline always liked to play keep away with Prudy)

Megan, Prudy, & Sherman


Tabatha said...

aww megan she looks like she is having an absolute blast!!!