Sunday, May 13, 2007

Last Vaccs WOOHOO!!!

Sherman got his last vaccs so he is ready for the world. He has been going on a lot more outings now. So to celebrate getting his last vaccines I took all the dogs hiking. They had a good time.

Lazy, lucky pets get to sleep on the bed while Sherman spends his time on the floor or dog bed.
Sherman and Prudy at the vet, Sherman gets his last shots and Prudy got her rabies. They are done for a year. YAY!!
Three dogs in the car on the way to the canyon. They were all such good passengers.
Walking the kids. They were so good. Sherman really enjoyed himself.
Sherman on the rocks.

> My little sister Tori went with us and walked Lucy.
They were watching the waterfall.
Sherman tells Lucy a secret.

Lucy and Sherman play a nice game of tug.
Sherman won and had a fun time prancing around with the jolly ball, while Lucy looked on in disbelief.

Megan, Prudy, Lucy, & Sherman


Tabatha said...

He did so good on the leash with the other dog!!!He seems like such a well behaved little boy megan!!!

Emily and Cordova said...

Looks like they had fun!! It feels good to be done with shots, doesn't it?

Kelsey and Chappelle said...

That waterfall is really pretty! And Sherman looks like he was being a little joy!

Runza said...

Wow, that does look like everyone had fun. Love the pictures!!!

Natalie said...

Awww that's a gorgeous pic of you four under the waterfall!

raiserally said...

The dogs (Teddy, Kira, Loden, and possibly my possible new pup) will be going camping with us this summer..oh that will be fun! Teddy's gone on the particular camping/hiking trip since two weeks after I got him (he was 8 weeks the first time, bad owner!) and loves it! I hope the newer kids enjoy it as much as he does, and are easy to go campin with!! Looks like Sherman had fun..give your kidlins a big hug for me!