Thursday, May 31, 2007

What I have been waiting for. . .

So I just opened my e-mail box and there waiting for me was the message that I have been waiting for, for nearly nine months. I was extactic!!!! It was a note from Tahoma's partner along with a cute picture. I am so happy that they are doing well, here it is:

Hi Megan; thanks so much for your super caring and generosity. The real generosity is Tahoma, she is superb. She is not only smart but more important sweet and loyal. It is said Labs take on their characteristics from there puuppy raisers. . . . She always is looking for you . If she sees someone , a woman , about your height she wags her tails and heads for her. Still , she is happy and a great learner. I took Tahoma to Israel in January . She was unbelievable . After take off , she sat on a shopped up on a seat , curled up in a circle until we landed in Tel Aviv . She enjoyed the trip so much we are trying it again in July .

Here is our only digital picture of Tahoma, taken by a friend. Everyone loves Tahoma (we have one friend who said he never liked dogs until he met her, and he loves her. Although he's well into his sixties, he loves nothing better than to chase her around the couch!), and she is especially wonderful with children. She loves to play with them and is patient with them while they figure out how to play with her. Here she is with little Adina. We also love the album you made. So many people love to see those pictures and they love to see her puppies!

Thanks also for your toys and letter. Tahoma has really been enjoying them - especially the dental dino. I gave her a big belly rub for you. You are welcome to come visit any time and follow up in person!

So I am on cloud nine right now. . . I can't believe my girl went to Israel, that is so cool! When I talked to him at graduation he said he goes every January and July but didn't want to take her because he didn't know how she would work there. I am so happy that it worked out well and that he is taking her again. So, that is the news from my first update on my first (and only) graduate (so far, hopefully more to come. *hear that Sherman* lol) YAY!!!


Runza said...

Oh, that's so wonderful. I'm so happy for you. It was so nice to read that letter from Tahoma's graduate, especially after turning Runza in today. Thanks so much for sharing. It's a great reminder of why we do this.

Natalie said...

Aww yay! That's so awesome...glad you heard from him :)

Brittany, Hobbs, and Patriot said...

You are soo lucky to have heard from tahoma's partner! I have yet to hear anything from Calliope's and it makes me sad because I live two hours away from her! I just leave my fingers crossed all the time to hear from her. That is awsome news though!