Monday, October 4, 2010

Snickers First Hike

I took Snickers on his first hike last week. He was such a good boy and walked very well except when bikes passes, he wanted to chase them. :) Silly boy. But here are some ridiculously cute pictures of Choco-boy.

Snickers standing on a rock with a tree limb behind him.
Snickers standing amongst four tree trunks.
Snickers sitting on a bridge over a river.
Snickers walking down the path.
Snickers head with the waterfall behind him.
My favorite picture from the day, Snickers sitting nicely with the waterfall behind him.
Snickers meets a tractor. The thing was turned on and everything but it didn't phase him one bit.
Snickers after jumping in the water. He is a definitely a water dog! :D
Snickers romping in the backyard.
Picassa and Paris in the lead with Snickers trying really hard to catch up.
Again the girls way out in front while Snickers brings up the rear.
Snickers is doing great and I am loving how confident he is. He will be joining me at college tomorrow and I am sure he will do fabulous!


Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Looks like fun, Snickers! I'm sure you'll be a great college student. :-)

Mary Jo said...

Great pictures. It looks like he had fun on his hike. And good luck at college. It'll be hard to concentrate with all the attention Snickers is sure to receive.