Friday, August 28, 2009

And we are Home

Well, we are home now. We had a great summer but it is nice to get back to real life. We had a very good flight not a single issue going through security this time *phew* and no problems on the plane either. The stewardesses were so excited to see Fuller and kept passing by our seat for a peek. :D They also switched my seat so I had a row to myself which was so nice because Fuller could stretch out a bit. We got home around 2am on Wednesday morning and then unpacked a little and did a load of laundry before going to bed and then waking up at 6am to go to school. I was so tired that day! We have had our first three days of school and Fuller has been great. He keeps wanting to take me to the LA building where all our classes were last semester but we have classes in 3 new buildings this semester. Fuller has been really tired too, here's a pic of him on the way home from school Wednesday. Poor puppy, he is such a good boy.

Yesterday after classes me and Fuller went up to my dads new school for a little tour. He is at a High School this year while his Jr High is being built and then he will move there next year. He really likes the High School though. It is really nice. . . and BIG! Fuller had fun breaking in the school for Meade-o. :D I got asked by a teacher if Fuller was going to be a school dog that year and she was disappointed when I said "no" but my dad told her there would be another dog coming to school, so she was excited about that. lol

After a tour of my daddio's school I went up to my sisters house to see my nephew and my niece. They both grew a lot Cannon was so excited to see me and Fuller again and little Hazel is such a cutie. I missed them both so much! Here are a couple shots of Fuller and Cannon playing.

And lastly the little kitten I left here has sure grown into a sweet cat. Pickles is now a 7-8 month old cat and she now sports a cute little black collar with purple flowers and a very official looking tag. I really like her!
My only other news is that Fuller will be leaving for his formal training the end of October. He will undergo breeder evaluations first and if he is not chosen he will go into a training string. I will be really sad to see him go but he is ready and I think I have done all I can with him. He has really grown and matured this summer and he is a great little dog. He will be a year old on the 31st and weighed 54 pounds as of a week ago. We have a few tiny things to work on before then but nothing major, he should be a great guide/breeder whatever he chooses. :D


Ally, Teddy and Kira said...

Welcome home! I'm glad you enjoyed your summer so much, bummer about school starting the next day though! That's rough!

And Fuller will do awesome in training! Those little labbies are so awesome!

Taelor and Pilaf said...

Welcome back! Glad to see your posts again. =] That picture of Fullerton is absolutely adorable! His little tongue... XD

And on another note, Fuller and I share a birthday!

Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Whoa, I loved how you just slipped that little bit into the last paragraph! I totally wasn't expecting that.

Fuller is sooooo handsome. I love him!

Emily and the Labradors said...

Welcome home! All your tales of camp were fantastic (and a great procrastination activity)! Pickles is looking so mature and Fuller so handsome but silly! I look forward to your more regular blog updates now that you are home ;)

Martha G said...

The picture of Fullerton sleeping with his tongue hanging out is calendar worthy! It's priceless!

He's an awesome puppy - can't wait to hear what happens with him!