Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Adeline's "three sisters"

This is Prudy. She was the first puppy that I raised to be a guide dog. She was born 5-1-01 and her parents are Klondike and Flower both yellow labs. Five of her siblings were raised in Utah. A group in Davis county brought them all from California to Utah where I picked her up. There were nine puppies in her litter. Her siblings are Phoenix (guide in IL), Pritchard (CC'd-Temperment), Pearson (Guide in CA), Patriot (CC'd-Allergies), Paulina (?), Pearla (?), Pearlette (Guide in WA), and Polka (?). Prudy was recalled December of 2003, and made it to phase 8 in three months before I got the call saying that Prudy had been career changed (CC'd) for separation anxiety/relieving in harness. Me and my dad were on our way to Oregon to pick her up the next day. So Prudy is my pet now and loves her new job of taking care of the family and helping me raise more puppies. She loves being able to hang out with the family and spend time on the couch and bed. (Adeline gets jealous! She is not allowed on the furniture!!!)
This is Tahoma she was my #2 puppy. She was born 5-5-04 and her parents are Jessel a yellow lab and Divina a black lab. There were eight puppies in her litter. They are Tustin (CC'd-torn ACL), Trenton (Guide in AZ now back at GDB after first match didn't work), Taxi (CC'd-soft trachea), Tarzan (CC'd), Talura, (CC'd), Tangerine (Guide in Canada), Tawny (CC'd). I picked Tahoma up from the puppy truck July 7, 2004. Tahoma was a tough little puppy but I enjoyed the challenge, and learned a lot from her. Tahoma was recalled early because I moved to California. She went back just four days after her first birthday on May 9, 2005. She did well in training and was chosen to be a breeder, but Guide Dogs had pulled too many female breeders so they decided to use Tahoma as a charter stock breeder, meaning she would have one litter and then go back into training as a guide. She was bred to a black lab named Francois (he is very handsome pictured below)
and had seven puppies on November 25, 2005. They were assigned the letter 'R' and were named Radar MBL (CC'd), Rebel MYL, Russ MYL, Rally MBL, Rae FBL, Renna FYL, and Rose FYL. She was put back into training February 23, 2006 and graduated on Sept 2nd as a Guide Dog. She is now working with a blind man in Ohio and they are the perfect match for each other.
This is Glennie. She was born September 27, 2005 and her parents are Paula a female black lab and Astro a male yellow lab. There were only five puppies in her litter. They were Cortez, Gaucho, Giovanna, and Glenetta. Glennie was my third guide dog puppy. I picked her up February 13, 2006. She was my Valentines puppy. Unfortunately, Glennie's time with me was very short. She was transferred to me when she was five months old because she had some issues with being balky in public and was aggressive around food. I worked really hard with her and she stopped growling when I got near her food but she just didn't like to go out in public. So when she was six months old she was career changed. She is now living the good life as a couch potato with a wonderful family in Navato, CA.

Those are my previous pups so if I mention one you will know who I am talking about. Ta for now.
Megan & Adeline (45 days till puppy college)