Thursday, February 22, 2007

Her nose is pink (w/ before and after pics)

Okay so I noticed today how pink Adeline's nose has gotten. She used to have a dark black nose and it was so cute but her nose is almost all pink except for the edges.


This has happened to all of my dogs and I never really thought anything about it. So I went online and started researching what causes it and I found some really funny comments. Some said to take your dog to the vet immediately!!! Like a pigment change off the nose is fatal, it made me laugh. I guess it is called winter nose where a change in the weather makes the pigment change in the nose. If this happens to show dogs their is a paint you can buy to paint your dogs nose back to black. There are also rumors that if a hunting dogs nose turns pink their sense of smell isn't as good and they are going to be useless hunting dogs. People are so neurotic. WOW!!

Megan & Adeline


MK said...

Hi Megan & Adeline,

I actually read your posts on g-dogs not too long ago. It's neat to find you here. I'm raising my 2nd dog for The Seeing Eye, named Edgar. Do you mind if I link to you?

-MK & Edgar

Anna said...
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Megan said...

Sure you can link my blog and I will do that same to you. Nice to meet you agin MK and Edgar