Saturday, March 3, 2007

Highlights for Adeline (tonz of pics)

Here are highlights from Adeline my current puppy. She is sixteen months old now and due back on the puppy truck on the 30th of this month.

The day I picked her up from GDB. She was five months old. She was very nervous and didn't want to go with me but we learned to get along and she turned out to be a fantastic dog. I will miss her dearly.
Our first picture together. A few days after I got her I went to my leaders house and Adeline had a playdate with her boyfriend (Berlin) and then we took some pics together in their backyard.
Adeline at the beach. Two weeks after I got her my family came to visit me from Utah and we spent a lot of time together. We went to a lot of new places and Adeline really had a great time. She wasn't so sure about the water at first but she got used to it and was jumping around.

Me and Adeline watch my sisters and cousins play in the water. (I am terrified of the ocean, long story, so we don't get too close)
Adeline at San Luis Obisbo. (sp?)
Me and Addie in front of a gravemarker outside of the San Luis Obisbo Church. It was a really cool and old graveyard. (I love graveyards, they facinate me)
Me and my family enjoy "the earthquake" at Ghirrardeli Square. You can see Adeline under the table being such a good girl.
Me and my family with Adeline at Coit Tower. We went all the way to the top and the view was amazing. We were in San Francisco all day and Adeline rode on busses, trollys, and a ferry. It was such a good experience for her.

Outside of Japan Square. I had never seen this place before but my dad LOVES japanese food so of course we stopped and ate there. It was really tasty. (End of the day, this was our last stop and Adeline was tired.)
Adeline waits for her food.
Adeline is so wierd and would eat her food laying down for the first couple months I had her.
This is what happens when I leave my apartment to take the garbage out. I came back and my roomate was avoiding her homework by doing a charcoal painting on Adeline. It didn't come off for a few days so I got a lot of questions at work the next day.
Adeline at the Hiller Aviation Museum for a puppy class. It was so cool they had a flight simulater that all the puppies had a chance to experience. I was so proud of Adeline she did really well. They also had a model of a huge plane that we all got to sit in and see how the dogs would handle the seats. It was double decker and Adeline and Berlin where the only pups in the group that would go up and down the winding staircase.

Our group outside the Aviation Museum. Dogs from left to right: Bahia, Nicolai, Berlin (Addie boyfriend, isn't he handsome), Adeline, Georgie, and Patina.
Adeline very happy after a long walk.
Outside work. We worked as receptionists at Almaden Country School and she loved going to work everyday. She loved the kids and faculty that would stop by to say "hi"
Adeline meets my roomates guinea pig Bruna. She did really well and sniffed her for a bit and then left her alone and just watched..
Adeline goes to the beach and wears her super cool shades. It is funny those are the only things she won't swat off her face. She loves them.

Fun Day in San Rafael. We met the littermates. Dogs from left to right: Adeline, Vonnie (the mom), Anna, Avani, and Argyle. They are all so cute.
Meeting Rebel and Russ who are Tahoma's yellow boys. They were so sweet.
Adeline meets Rally one of Tahoma's black boys. He was a super sweetheart and definetly had his moms personality.
Adeline after fun day. She doesn't even have enough energy to chew on her bone.
In San Francisco after fun day. Across from Alcatraz.

Adeline met the sea lions and two HUGE Great Danes and then we got our picture taken by the statue. (Adeline is still watching the great danes.)
I moved back to Utah in August. Adeline got really nervous when I started packing up all my stuff and spend most of her time in the closet.
Adeline turns one on October 25th 2006. She had a good birthday and got two new nylabones.
Halloween for Adeline, she is a super cool biker chick.
Christmas for the girls. They both loved all thier gifts. It was hard to get them to sit still they were so exited to play with all thier new stuff.
New Years. As in tradition with my family we all go silly string to spray all over the place. It freaked Adeline out and she managed to squeeze herself behind the couch. HAPPY 2007. I can't believe how fast the time goes.
So that is all my girls.


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