Monday, March 26, 2007

What I have found out so far. . .

So after some detective work I have found out quite a bit about Mr. "S" parents and his geneology. Here is what I have learned so far:
Norbert is a BIG MBL who was born April 17th 2004. He has been siring litters since January of 2006 and was just presented as a breeder at the last San Rafael graduation on March 10th. I guess he has been too busy to get to a graduation. lol Norberts parents are Righetti a MBL and Gelato a FYL. On his side is also some Julianne a FBL, Nagel a MYL, and Rashad a MYL. I dunno how they fit in the mix though. There were two other breeders pulled from his litter, Nico and Normandy (both MYL). Nico sired a few litters before being retired early for soft trachea. Normandy was GDB's first dog to be sent internationaly to be a breeder. He has sired a few litters for GDB as well. Norbert was raised in Contra Costa County.

Yolette is a FYL who was born January 29, 2002. Her parents are Atkins a MYL and Mimi a FYL. Atkins parents are Kraft a MYL and Flossie a FYL. Mimi's parents are Foster MYL and Nitelight FYL. Yolettes litter with Norbert was her fourth. There are five pups in the litter. Some are yellow and some are black.

Well, as you can tell I am getting really exited. I hope he will be a good boy and does his parents proud. Sorry, I wrote this out mostly for me so I can keep track of it all. Thanks to everyone who helped me find out more about where my boy comes from.

Megan, Adeline, & Mr. "S" (3 days)


Gilligans Island said...

Megan I have a Righetti pup. He is Gilligans sire. So in a round about way they will be related.

Megan said...

Cool. So Mr. "S"'s grandpa is Gilligans dad. What a weird family tree these dogs make. lol Hope he is as cute as Gilligan!