Thursday, March 8, 2007

Phase Report Day!!!!!

They are all still there which is a good sign. lol

Adelines Sibs:
Albright LAB M 1 No
Artemis LAB M 3 No
Avery LAB M 8 No

Glennies Sibs:
Cortez LAB M 1 No
Gaucho LAB M 1 No
Giovanna LAB F 1 Yes
Glenetta LAB F 1 Yes

Tahoma's Puppies:
Rae LAB F 4 Yes

There you have it not much movement from last week. Just Avery from phase 7 to phase 8. He has been moving really fast. Ta for now

Megan, Adeline, & Mr "S" (I decided my favorite name would be Snoopy, I think that would be awesome)


Natalie said...

Hi, I raise for Dogguides Canada and I'm on my second, both males...I love my boys so I think your Mr S will be awesome! ;)

I love the name Snoopy! My friend has a dog named Snoopy but we call him Snoop Dawggggg. haha