Friday, March 16, 2007

Phase Report Day!!!!!

So, I didn't get my copy of the phase report yesterday :( and was dying to find out how my puppies sibling are doing. So thanks to Anna I got it today. (THANKS!!!)

Adeline's Sibs:

Albright LAB 1 No
Artemis LAB 3 No
Avery LAB 8 No

Glennie's Sibs:
Cortez LAB M 1 No
Gaucho LAB M 1 No
Giovanna LAB F 1 Yes
Glenetta LAB F 1 No

Tahoma's pups:
Renna LAB F 2 No

Not much change from last week. Renna is now in training and already in phase 2. Looks like all of Glennies sibs are still doing health evals and stuff. Glenetta is no longer on breeder watch. But, Rae is undergoing BREEDER EVALS!!!!!!! I am so exited that GDB watns to continue Tahom's genes. She was such a special puppy and I am really rooting for one of her pups to become a breeder.
Megan, Adeline, & Mr. "S"