Thursday, March 22, 2007

Phase Report Day!!!!!

They are all still there and Glennie's sibs have passed their health exams and are ready for harness work!!! YAY

Adeline's Sibs:
10-25-05 Kinsey MYL/Vonnie FYL
Albright LAB MYL 2 No
Artemis LAB MYL 3 No
Avery LAB MYL 8 No
and Adeline will be joining her brothers next week.

Glennie's Sibs:
9-27-05 Astro MYL/Paula FBL
Cortez LAB MYL 2 No
Gaucho LAB MBL 2 No
Giovanna LAB FBL 2 Yes
Glenetta LAB FYL 2 No

Tahoma's Kids:
11-25-05 Francois MBL/Tahoma FBL
Renna LAB FYL 2 No

Not much change just Albright and all of Glennie's sibs are done with health evals and moved to phase 2. Rae also moved to phase 5, I thought they didn't continue training when they undergo Breeder evals but who knows. Maybe she is in Oregon and waiting to hitch a ride to San Rafael. They all seem to be doing all right. YAY!!! Go puppies!!!
Megan, Adeline, & Mr. "S"


Erin & Rei said...

I LOVE your picture of Mr.S on his dogster badge!!