Friday, March 2, 2007


Here are highlights from raising Glennie. I only had her for a month before she was cc'd for stress on outings. Hers was the hardest cc to get because I had worked so hard with her and she had made SO much progress but just wan't good enough. I know the cc was for the better because guide work would be way too stressfull for her. So here is her short time with me.

The day I picked her up. She was a little over five months old and was such a sweetheart. We went and got her jacket but didn't do any outing for a while.
In my apartment in California. I did a lot of work there with the commands and stuff but since she was having outing problems with her first raiser I wanted her to learn to trust me first before we went out. We went on a lot of walks around my neighborhood (even going on walks was hard for her at first) She was also food aggressive and would growl when people go too close to her food.
Another shot of Glennie in my apartment. Glennie was almost pure white except for the darker tan on her ears. I LOVED her color it was so cute. I nicknamed her Snow White
She would always sleep with her head half off of her dog bed or hanging out of the kennel. It was so funny.

Working on her food possesiveness. I would feed her away from my roomates so she would be in a quiet place. I sarted by making her wait and then just standing there and eventually getting closer and closer until I could reach the bowl and then I would put my hand close but not touching the bowl. Eventually I was able to take some kibble out and put it in her bowl while she was eating so she associated my hand with getting more kibble. It took a long time but she completely stopped growling after a while. (I love her multi-color belly. It was so cute)
Here she is after the "okay" to eat.
Glennie goes with me for Tahoma's recall February 23rd. You can really tell how white she is next to Tahoma.
Here is another one with puppy #2 Tahoma and puppy #3 Glennie.
Glennie was CC'd March 15th. Almost a year ago. Here is when I turned her into GDB. She is now living in Navato, CA with a nice family. I just found out that all of her siblings (except Glennie) are now in formal training. I hope they do well. I wish I had met them and knew if they were anything like my Glennie.