Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bye Tartan and Snicks last puppy class

Well, a couple weeks ago I handed Tartan off to his new raiser. She is so excited to have him and he is perfect for a first time raiser so I really hope they do well together. :)

Here he is after being handed off to his new raiser.
He seems pretty content with her.
The whole high school group with their new puppies.
I made these yummy treats for Snickers' last puppy class. I think everyone enjoyed them because there were none left to take home.
During the meeting we had all the dogs stay and they did super. I was proud of my boy as he was placed in his stay first and stayed for a good five or six minutes while all the other dogs were placed in stays. :) He is so ready for training.
And Snickers with Mozart his half brother. They are both Forte boys.
That pretty much sums that up. The new puppy news is that I am leaving in an hour and a half to go pick up little Ms. O. I can't wait!!


Elijah and Hobart II said...

Hey Megan,
I saw that Paris showed up in the GDB e-news letter :D

Elijah & Hobart II