Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting Ready to go *Edited*

I just added a new picure and question at the bottom of this post from last night. . .

Well, I am getting ready to leave for California on Friday. I have also been packing stuff up for camp, I am leaving most of my camp stuff at my aunts house and then when I drive down with a friend a week later I will pick it up, that way I don't have to fly out with so much stuff. :D Anyway, I can't believe that Sherman graduates in three days, the last two and a half months (since I found out) have gone by super fast. Tomorrow is my last day at work and then the next day I leave. I will be back for a few days after Sherman's graduation so look for a big fatty post about that around June 3rd. :D Then on the 7th I am gone to camp. Same as last year, Internet/computer use at camp is pretty sketchy so I will try to update when I can. :)

Here are some pictures from Fullerton and Cannons last play day until August. I never get tired of looking at pictures of the two of them.

Cannon being so sweet and giving Fuller loves.
Fullerton uses Cannon as a pillow (maybe trying to get closer to that cookie. . . hmm)
Cannon loves my hammock chair and Fullerton checks him out up there.

More news on the kittens. . . well, so far two families have fallen through for little pickles, we are still trying to find her a good home. She has warmed up to the family and to Fullerton a bit since she has been here. She loves attention and to be held, and she doesn't hiss nearly as much when Fullerton gets near to her.

We are kitty sitting Midnight while her new family is moving into a new house. She was so happy to reunite with Pickles, even though Pickles beats her up a bit. She is still very sweet although she has started climbing peoples legs when they don't pay attention to her and let me tell you that HURTS when you have shorts on.

That's about it for now, this will most likely be my last post until after Sherman's graduation. Hope everyone has a good start to their summer vacations. :D
So, I just put Advantage on Fullerton since we are going to California tomorrow. I don't have that much experience putting advantage on my dogs, I did it at camp last summer and I put it on Adeline once while I lived in California but Fullerton had a weird reaction and I am wondering if I should be worried. So for those veteran advantage users. . . Have you ever had advantage turn your dog blue?
This is totally bizzare, I put it on in three spots down Fullertons back and there are three places where it dripped down his fur and in the drip marks his fur is now blue the three spots were I put it are not blue, just the drips. (I actually watchied it turn him blue) I am a little weirded out right now. . . So, should I be worried?


Taelor and Pilaf said...

Wow, I was actually considering going to that graduation. Maybe I'll see you there?

That is really weird. Maybe just wait for it to dry? Wait... aren't we supposed to give our dogs heartworm/ flea medicine every month?

Alison and Utah said...

In New Zealand, we have to give our guide dogs flea treatment every month of the year. We use either Advantage or Frontline and never have I had that reaction. Can you call the actual Advantage company and see if this is normal before calling your vet?

Emily and the Labradors said...

Have a great trip and time at Sherman's graduation! No clue on the advantage... we used it for a summer a year or 2 ago when the local prairie dogs were carrying plague infected fleas. Dogs can't get the plague, but people can, so it was to protect us. But I have never actually seen a flea here anyway. So sorry, no help on that one! Let us know though, I'm curious! Maybe it was a reaction with his shampoo or something?

Mandy and Terence said...

those of us in high flea areas (like California) use advantage every month, but other places, like Utah, don't have the flea problems we do and so don't need to use flea control unless traveling.

I've never seen a dog turn quite that, well, blue, but have seen discolorations from advantage that disappear once the stuff dries. Sometimes it can take a few days even. I read through the advantage info packet and didn't see anything helpful in this case, nor did google prove to be of much use, other than when I tried searching for "advantage fur coloration" and got some rather interesting results... I would call the vet if he starts to break out, or maybe just for piece of mind? Supposedly the advantage is adsorbed by the hair follicles and not into the dog's system so whatever it is, he should be ok in the long run.

Enjoy Graduation, and congratulations! If our puppy group makes it up to Camp this summer I hope to see you there!

Lisa and Ellie said...

WOW - never had that happen. Of course, I use Frontline not Advantage. I put it on Runza once and he laid up against the furniture and now, I have permanent Runza fur indentations in the wood.

Madison and Butler said...

WOW! That's a weird reaction! Hope you have/had fun at graduation!!