Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Today my second puppy Tahoma turned 5!!! Oh my goodness I cannot believe she is that old. I wonder if she is graying yet. . . I have not heard from her partner in a while so I sent off an e-mail today wishing her happy b-day so hopefully I hear something soon. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOMIE!! Hope you had an uber good day.

I totally forgot I had this picture it was sent to me about nine months after her partner and her graduated. She is at a wedding that her handler officiated. She travels all over the east coast doing weddings and they spend two months a year in Israel. I am so jealous of all her travels. :D Keep up the good work Homes!

Today me and Fuller went to my little sisters softball game. He had so much fun, well at the beginning and then he was just bored. But there was about a mazillion little kids there to pet and love on him and he really enjoyed that part. This picture was during warm ups, my little sister is the girl with #1 on her back. During the game she hit a home run! Go Tori!! We were so proud, it was a good game. My sisters team lost by 1 run, they would have won but. . . never mind, don't get me started. :D Anyway, while my sisters team was warming up I sat on the grass with Fuller, after about five minutes I hear these sweet little girl behind me clear her throat. So, I turned around and there is a cute little six year old girl behind me in a wheelchair. She asked me about Fullerton and why he had a jacket on. I told her he was in training to be a guide dog. Then she got really excited and told me that when she was old enough she was going to get a service dog. She asked if she could pet him and of course I said sure. So I told Fuller to sit and he did and then my precious little man put his head in her lap and let her pet him. It was so sweet and she was giggling like crazy. It totally made my day!! She started asking me if I knew anything about service dogs "for people in wheelchairs" so I told her what I knew. She is really excited and told me she wanted a girl yellow lab. She stayed pretty close to us during the game and gave Fullerton pets periodically. She was such a sweetheart, I loved chatting with her. :D Anyway, here are the rest of the pictures. Here is Fuller watching the game This little boy was so cute. He would come over and squat in front of Fuller and just stare and him. He did pat Fuller on the head once but other than that, the closest he got was showing Fuller the softball. He was such a smiley little guy it was cute. "Mommy. . . can we go home yet?!?!?!?!?" That was our day at the ballgame.


Career Changed Provo said...

Happy Birthday Tahoma!!

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Happy birthday to Tahoma! Right now, the last photo of Fullerton is lined up with the one of him as a little baby on the side--they're both taken from the same angle. It's fun to see how much he still looks the same--same cute button nose, same soft eyes. It's like he just grew into his ears because his ears look like they're exactly the same size!! Adorable!

Anita said...

Great blog!

Ariel Segal said...

Hi Megan! Happy birthday Tahoma! I am very happy to see the picture from my cousin's wedding.

I hope you get an update from Rabbi Brand soon.

Best, Ariel

Madison and Andros said...

Happy Birthday! I thought the same thing as Cabana's puppy raiser! Fullerton is such a cute pup!