Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flying Fries

Well, I had Forte until Thursday. It was so fun to have him here, he is a great puppy. On Monday we met some of my friends at the book store. I got some James Patterson books (I love the way he writes) and some Dean Koontz (love his too) then we went to the fabric store (my friend is in a bag making phase and we spent FOREVER in the fabric store looking for the "perfect" fabric and then it took the cutter lady an eternity to cut it all) after the fabric store we all went to Olive Garden. Forte was a little trooper, I was very impressed. :D

Forte at the fabric store (he was almost as bored as I was)

On Thursday we had puppy class at Cabelas. Since most of the pups in the group are still young we were just meeting outside, but I got there a tad early so I went inside in hopes of getting pictures of Forte with the stuffed animals but, alas they were having a taxidermy art show (just a tad creepy!!! There were like dogs and cats and a baby deer in various poses. Mostly it was big game animals though.) in there, and a lady yelled at me when I took out my camera. So, I escorted myself out and waiting for the rest of the puppies to get there.

Forte waiting for the pups to show up.

Puppy class was fun, we worked on recalls. I worked with Peanut during that. And then did musical chairs type game. My leader put down papers with different commands on it and we walked around until the "music stopped" and had the puppy do the command on the paper. I worked Dax during the game. He did so good. Then Fortes raiser met me there with Fullerton and we traded the boys back.

Here was Fortes favorite game. Fullerton does the same thing, with a little less enthusiasm. :D My bowl is pretty mangled from Fuller pouncing on it so much. It made for an entertaining evening. :D

Bubble pictures take II. :D Fuller is so funny with bubbles. I love the intensity in his eyes.


Fuller meeting some kittens. Fullerton met a cat while he was at Fortes house. Fortes raiser told me that he was pretty funny and would follow the cats tail with his head. I am pretty sure that was his first cat experience, although I could be wrong, one of the puppy sitters he has stayed with could of had cats. I don't know. . . anyway, now I'm just getting off my intended thought. :D Today my brother went golfing and found these two kittens in some bushes on the gold course. So, he brought them home and is taking them to the shelter tomorrow. They are both very sweet and I am sure they will be adopted soon. They seem pretty young too, they are so small.

This one my brother is calling Pickles.

This one is Midnight. She has the most gorgeous blue/green eyes.

Fullerton meeting Midnight (I didn't introduce him to Pickles because she is kinda mean)

Fullerton really liked her and was so sweet. She even jumped on him, fortunately landing on the jacket and not his. . . er, flesh. It was a nice little meeting.
Anyway, by now you are probably wondering about my weird title. I had a very proud moment today. I have been working really hard on Fullerton's food avoidance, but he is a very persistent puppy. Today we were walking through the food court at the mall and this little kid started following us and then began tossing french fries at Fullerton. I was so proud as Fullerton turned away from the fries without throwing a fit. He didn't try going for a single one. Maybe our little training sessions are starting to sink in. Good boy Fuller!!


Sarah and the Pack. said...

Good boy Fullerton! Millie has some food issues too, but I am pretty sure she would have tried to catch the fires, as we are not quite there yet.

On the kittens, what shelter are you taking them to? If it is not a no-kill shelter, let me know and we could probably place them at my work (no-kill rescue in PC).

Brittany said...

Lol, I love the first bubbles picture! It sounds like Fullerton is doing wonderfully. He is still as handsome as ever.

Forte's video with the bowl is really funny. I have never seen a dog have that much fun just with a upside down food bowl!

Mitch and Meade said...

In the video it looks like Forte is trying to give the bowl CPR!!! Funny!

Sarah, Tara, Annie, Sammy, and JD said...

oh wow! what a busy day you had, the kittens are so cute! Yeah, good thing that he landed on the jacket, looked like he handled it well though :)

Good job! Aren't you just so proud when they master something like that ?

Carrie and Waffle said...

good boy fullerton! Fries are mighty hard to pass up. good job!

Madison and Andros said...

Good boy Fuller! The kitten picture is adorable! I also love the bubbles, so cute!

Erin,Bubs,Tex and Ben said...

That video made me laugh!! HOw funny!!!

Good Job Fullerton on avoiding that food! Such a good feeling when all of our work starts paying off!

Anna said...

Yay Fuller!!! Fries are a hard distraction, too!!

I love working with new pups, and I'm glad you had fun with Forte. I just love siblings :)

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

I want that black kitty! So cute--but my cat would have a cow. It must have been fun to have Fullerton's sibling. Did they have a family resemblance in temperament? I know you said they like to do the same thing with the food bowl, so maybe they were similar?

Princess Coral said...

Gdd boy Fullerton for ignoring fries!!! I'm not sure if we (Nikki & Coral) can do as good as you did because French fries are the best!!! lol