Monday, August 23, 2010

First Puppy Class

This week was Snickers first puppy class. He did really well and was such a good boy. Here are some other pictures from the week first though.

I just couldn't be happier with how nice Paris is to Snickers. Here he is putting his foot on her face and she is laying there like a good girl not reacting at all, she is a pro co-raiser!
Snickers ready to take Paris whole nose in his mouth. Again she just takes it and lets him do whatever he wants, sometimes I wish she would put him in his place though. :)
Snickers new favorite tug toy is Paris tail. She will roll onto her back and let him tug and tug. This is where I really wish she would fight back just a little.

Evil Snickers. He is laying on his back and his teeth are all showing.
Snickers smashed face into the kennel door.
Puppy class started with breakfast at my leaders house (something my club does toward the end of each summer) We were all eating and chatting when another raiser mentioned that a vet tech school was doing free exams, nail trims, baths, and ear cleanings for dogs that morning. After we all ate we moved our class to that event. It was so much fun and a great opportunity for the dogs to be handles by a lot of strangers and still behave themselves. During Paris' exam the vet tech was checking her eyes (the reason she was cc'd) and was getting really concerned. She told me she didn't think that her eyes were responding to the light and movement and she had her teacher come over and test her eyes as well. He did this test where he moved his hand toward her from different angles to see if she would flinch. She didn't most of the time and the tech said that she thought something was wrong with her eyes. That's when I told her that Paris is visually impaired. She was SO relieved that I knew already and she didn't have to give me that news. But I congratulated her on noticing something since Paris had been to several vets before (including for 2 eye surgeries) who never caught that she didn't see very well. It made me laugh. Paris was of course perfect and now she is squeaky clean. Here she is during her bath. The big dogs got hosed down and the little dogs got into a little wash tub.
Paris getting soaked with the hose.
And lathered up with Shampoo. She looks rather pathetic and confused.
Snickers was a good sport. He has so many people cooing at him and petting him and he was such a good boy. He even got to meet a goat and completely ignored it. His exam went well and he is nice and healthy. Whew! :) Here he is in the little tub during his bath. He was such a good boy and all the techs thought he was such a nice puppy.
Getting rinsed off.
After all that each dog got a little bandanna. Snickers got a yellow one and it looked pretty good on him. He was pretty exhausted on the way home and slept on the floor of the car the whole way home. It was quite an intense little outing for the little man.
Just because it's so cute here is Snickers sitting outside on the pavement doing his head tilt. His eyes are so droopy in this picture.
Well, that was our weekend. The boy is doing so well, he is a little trooper. He is starting to understand Sit, Wait, and Okay. He is a smart little guy! He is going on his first puppy trade tomorrow until Thursday since Wednesday is my first day of school and I won't be home much Wed or Thurs while I am getting everything figured out. Then he has his first evaluation with my CFR on Thursday. I hope he is good for the puppy sitter. :) I sure am going to miss having my squirrely little guy around.


Raiser Erin said...

So, your boy is too cute.

That's so funny that they realized there was something wrong with Paris' eyes. Oh, I would hate to be the bearer of bad news like that. Haha! When you say visually you ever feel like her Guide Human?

Natalie said...

lol They're so funny! Don't worry though - Paris will start fighting back. Egypt used to put up with EVERYTHING Bob did but now she beats him up hourly.

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Looks like you wore him out that day!! Cute sad eyes. :) Glad to hear that he and Paris are getting on so well. I bet he'll learn a lot from her!