Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Day Trip-Part 1

Last Tuesday I dropped my girls off at their puppy sitters houses and kidnapped Kyle to head out for Fun Day. We spent the night with Sarah and Rafferty and then Wednesday morning were on our way to California. It was a long uneventful drive but seeing as we had four puppy raisers and four puppies in the car we had no shortage of topics to discuss and we all had a great time.

[Kyle sitting at my feet in the car resting his chin on my knee. He is such a sweet dog!] About seven or eight hours into the trip we decided to make a detour to the Jelly Belly factory. It was a good chance to let the dogs stretch their legs and get out of the car for a while. We got there about 15 minutes before they closed so didn't stay long but it was still very crowded and the dogs did great navigating the crowd.

[Kyle sitting in front of a display of Jelly Belly jars and packages.][ The four dogs in front of a Jelly Belly sign outside the factory Janetta (5 month old black lab), Rafferty (11 months old black lab), Kyle (8 month old yellow lab) and Elvis (15 month old Golden Retriever.] [The relieving area at the factory made me laugh they had a hydrant with a sign that said "This hydrant is here for your dog's pleasure. Not a working hydrant."] We all got small bags of our favorite flavors of Jelly Belly and then hit the road again. The rest of the time we played "Guess that Jelly Belly" and in no time we were at the hotel.

[Kyle laying on the floor in the hotel chewing on a bone.] All the dogs did a great job during the trip, we hardly noticed they were there. :)


Raiser Erin said...

Four Puppies in the car! Wow.

Sarah and Vance said...

I love Jelly Bellys!! Looks like the start of a great trip

Amanda said...

I love the sign at the jelly belly factory. Funny! I'm glad the dogs all did well in the car.