Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meeting the Siblings/First Outing. . .

Snickers is still doing really well. He is catching onto "come," "wait," "okay," and "sit." He loves his toys and is pretty good at entertaining himself but also loves to sit in my lap. I love how cuddly he is and how he always prefers to be touching me. He is an awesome puppy! He still sleeps through the night and never wakes me up. I think this is the easiest I've ever had it with a puppy. Seeing how he is my puppy Fullerton's nephew I am really happy he did not take on the trait of screaming bloody murder whenever in the kennel, I was definitely worried about that. ;) Well, without further ado here are sixty jillion more pictures of Snickers.

Snickers asleep on the kitchen floor doing "frog legs."
Snickers adorable face and big feet.

A close up of Snickers nose. I was trying to get a cute one of him in the grass but every time I took a picture he hopped up and stuck his nose in the camera.

Snickers sleeping on his back in the kennel with his upper body twisted over.

Me holding Snickers.

Snickers went on his first (kinda) outing. My dad is the principal at a brand new middle school so we went to help him decorate his office. Since the building was definitely dog free I decided to bring Snickers along. He was held the whole time and seemed to enjoy it. I sat in a chair and told my dad if things looked good in certain places and if they were straight and stuff. I like my job. ;) Snickers did too, anything that means he can sit in my lap and lick my face is fine by him. Here he is in my lap giving me a sweet lick on the chin.
Another cute close-up of Snickers' face.
When it was time to go we went outside to get a picture by the sign. The new school is called Vista Heights Middle School, my dad is very proud of his new school.
Here Snickers is sitting in front of the sign. I love that you can see my shadow hunched over trying to get him to stay, he did really well though, I was impressed.
After that I went up to Mitch and Julimae's house to pick up my girls. They were only supposed to watch Paris for a few days so I could get the new puppy settled in before having both dogs in the house but my leader went out of town so they ended up with both my girls. :) Since I was picking up Paris I decided to kidnap Picassa too so I could spend the night with her before she went back to my leader. I've missed Picassa a lot and so I took advantage of the opportunity. I loved having all three pups under one roof and we had a fun night/day together. (Picassa leaves again in an hour for 14 more days. :( It wasn't nearly as chaotic as I had anticipated and everything went rather smoothly. I think it works out with one high maintenance dog, one low maintenance dog and one REALLY low maintenance dog. (I'll let you guess which is which) All the dogs got along really well and the girls are really nice and gentle with Snickers. Paris likes to bring him toys while he is on tie down and she will lay down and just let him crawl all over her. It's so sweet!

Here are the three puppies lined up and eating breakfast together this morning.
Picassa and Snickers my two puppies in training laying in the grass together. (Also my new blog header)
All three of my puppies laying in the grass together. (These took a while to accomplish)

A close up of Snickers face in the grass. I really like this picture.
Me with Paris sitting on my right and Picassa sitting on my left and Snickers in my lap.
Here are some bloopers from my photo shoot. :)
ATTACK!! Snickers leaped on Picassa and she was a good girl and didn't react at all.
Picassa decided she was done, she started getting up and stuck her tongue out at me. Rude! LOL
Snickers walking on Paris while she sleeps. She didn't wake up at all while he was all over her.
Paris was really good playing tug with Snickers. She would just stand and hold the toy while he tugged and would let him win every once in a while.
Here is a video of Snickers playing with his bowl. He has an abundance of dog toys but his bowl is his favorite toy.

Here is a video of Paris playing tug with Snickers.

Here Paris lets Snickers win the game of tug and lets him celebrate before going to get it again.


Raiser Erin said...

He's so cute! I can't tell you enough how lucky you are to have him!

Robin said...

Hey Megan,
It's so neat that you got one of the chocolate labs...Snickers is SO CUTE!!!!!
And you look great!
-Robin & Pongo (14 weeks old)

GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

I can't get enough of Snickers! :) I love the pictures of him and his sisters.

ChrisAnna said...

I am excited to watch Snickers grow not only because he is one of the two but also because his mother is my pup Halette's mom (Aqua) sister. Congrats on receiving this special pup. He seems like he is adjusting well.

Mandy and Cancun said...

I loved watching Paris just stand and let Snickers play. She's a pretty good puppy raiser. I love how some dogs can temper their play style/energy level depending on what puppy they are playing with, while other dogs (read: Cancun) are less considerate of others.

Oh, and Snickers is pretty cute, too.

Nicole said...

Adorable pictures! I really love the new blog heading and the picture of you with all your sweet pups. Glad to hear they are getting along!

Sarah and the Pack. said...

The whole gang together! He is SO cute with his big sisters...and sounds like he is a model puppy to boot. Maybe GDB will want more chocolate after this little guy : )

Heather and Kelly said...

He has beautiful green eyes!

canvasmaker said...

So cute. I love the way the dogs play together -- gently!

Sarah and Vance said...

two PITs at the same time!? Girl you are crazy! lol good luck and Snickers is just adorable!