Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun Day Trip-Part 4 (THE BIG DAY)

Fun day was as always. . . fun! I love walking around the vendor booths and chatting with other raisers and seeing all the dogs and litter mates. I got to meet a lot of blogger friends too, it was great to meet all of you. :) I didn't take many pictures at fun day because I got a little preoccupied but here are a few that I got.

[Little Janetta asleep in the grass with a cowboy hat and bandanna on.]
Kyle on the right with his littermate Kierney. Kierney is a little darker than Kyle and quite a bit crazier. It was fun to meet him. I like this picture because Kyle is looking up at me.
[Another picture of Kierney and Kyle sitting next to each other.]

I also got to meet Picassa's sister Pia. Pia is a lot calmer and more dignified than Picassa. They have the same face shape but Pia is really white and has really short hair. It was fun to meet her and her raiser.
We ran into a breeder named Sunset and talked with her breeder keeper for a while. While we were talking, Kyle and Sunset fell asleep facing each other. I just thought it was cute how they were so close to each other but not interested in the other one.
At fun day they did a Recall Relay and Kyle won second place out of all the dogs that competed. I was pretty stinkin' proud of him and at the end ceremony we got to go on stage and collect a prize basket for his second place win. Good boy Kyle!!!
After Fun Day we ran a few errands, poor tired Kyle took advantage of a lap while we were at a phone store.
[Kyle sits in a girls lap who is sitting on the floor.]
It was quite an exhausting week and all the dogs were great. I was really impressed with how well they took everything. I am looking forward to doing Fun Day again next year!


Lauren and Don said...

Congratulations on Kyle's 2nd place win! That's nice that you got to meet Picassa's littermate. Besides Pia's lighter color, they really look alike.

Only 360 more days till next year's fun day :) It can't come soon enough!