Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Becoming a Woman

Picassa went into heat while at the puppy sitters house, so I guess I am glad I left her behind. :) I had a strong feeling she would be going in soon. Now she has to survive 28 days of house arrest. I'll get to keep her until Saturday when my leader gets back from vacation and then she will keep Picassa through the rest of her season. I'll miss the girl but I've been promised visiting rights. Welcome to woman-hood little girl. and now some embarrassing pictures of Picassa in her diaper so she can be loose for a bit each day.

[Picassa lays on the floor with her silly denim diaper on.]
[She enjoys shoving herself behind the furniture, something she didn't do pre-season. Interesting. . .]
She's been pretty good so far, she seems to sleep a lot but is ten times more whinny and bouncy than normal. And since she is not allowed any rubber or soft toys (eg. gough-nuts, jugs & kongs because they are annihilated in about 6 1/2 seconds) I've had some trouble keeping her entertained. Any suggestions are welcome. :) Thanks!


Raiser Erin said...

Play tug with her for four hours? Haha, cut into your social life right?

Emily and Joel said...

Poor Picassa! This is why my dad makes me raise males. Maybe get her a good tug toy or a good ball to fetch, and then a nylabone for when you're too tired to play.

GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

Have you tried sterilized bones or the y-bone/wishbones? Our dogs seem to be able to chew on those for quite some period of time before they fall asleep.