Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Day Trip-Part 2

On Wednesday we headed out to play in San Francisco all day and had a blast! We walked around Fisherman's Wharf first to visit the Sea Lions.
[Kyle poses in front of some little yellow flowers on our way to the Sea Lions]
[Kyle and Rafferty stick their heads through a fence to see the ocean.]
[Kyle watches the Sea Lions. He was very interested in them, especially when they would bark.]

[Kyle facing forward with the Sea Lions behind him.]
After that we went to Alcatraz. We had to take the Ferry out and all the dogs did great. Kyle settled right down for the ride.
[Kyle laying down in the Ferry with Rafferty, Elvis and Janetta behind him.]
After the ferry started moving we went outside to see what the dogs thought of the moving water.
[Kyle, Rafferty, Elvis and Janetta sitting on the deck of the boat.]
[Kyle peeking over the rail to see the water.]
[Me kneeling on the boat deck with Kyle sitting next to me.]
The birds on Alcatraz were not happy about us being there with the dogs. At one point we all had to run away because about a hundred birds starting screaming and flying overhead. We decided it was in our best interest to vacate the area. ;)
[A ton of birds flying overhead.]
We found a cute background before we got in the jailhouse and as puppy raisers how are we supposed to pass up a potential calendar photo? So we stopped for a photo opportunity.
[Janetta, Kyle, Rafferty and Elvis sitting in front of a large bush of flowers.]
[Kyle sitting in front of one of the cells in Alcatraz.]
[Kyle laying down on the stairs in the rec yard.]
[Kyle laying on a bench with San Francisco city behind him.]
After we got off the island we took a break in some grass for a little while.
[Rafferty laying in the grass. He is such a handsome dog]
[I sat in the grass and suddenly had a dog plopped in my lap. Kyle is such a cuddly dog, I enjoyed our break together.]
I felt like a sideshow in the city we had a lot of people randomly taking pictures of us with our dogs and a lot of people staring. Here is a picture of the puppy parade navigating the narrow walkways in the city.
[Rafferty leads with Janetta and Elvis behind, me and Kyle were last but as I was taking the picture he wasn't in it.]
[ Elvis and his raiser in front of a Sea Lion statue.]
[Me holding Kyle up in front of the statue. It was kind of slippery and he didn't want to get on it so I helped him out.]
We also drove down Lombard street. The crookedest street in the US. It was fun. Here's a picture looking back up at it. You can only see the tops of cars facing opposite directions.
We had so much fun and the dogs were real troopers getting dragged everywhere. I was very impressed with Kyle's ability to take everything so well. He had no problem doing anything, it was great!


GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

I love the picture of the four dogs at Alcatraz. :)

Sarah and Vance said...

Oh! I have always wanted to go to Alcatraz and now that I'm fairly close, I may take Vance. Did they treat you guys well there? Any access problems?

Lauren and Don said...

Looks like a fun day in the city! The sea lions are really cool, I love that photo of Rafferty and Kyle sticking their heads through the fence to get a better view :) That's funny how people were taking pictures of the pups! What a long day- the dogs must've been really tired!

Oh, and I love my new leash! Thank you!! It gave me something to do on the road trip my family and I took this weekend- it's getting nice and broken in :)

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

So many pictures, looks like a lot of furry fun!


Amanda said...

Wow! You got a tone of great photos of Kyle! I really like the one of you and Kyle together. Thank you for taking him and exposing him to all sorts of new situations. :) From the pictures, I can tell he had a great time!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

What a fun packed in a lot of new experiences and it sounded like the pups did great! That picture of all the birds seems a little Hitchcock to me...!