Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yes, We're Still Alive

It has been a month since my last post! I don't think I've ever gone that long without posting. It's been a crazy busy month though with school starting and getting a new job. So, in the last month we went on a bunch of outings, Picassa came back from being in heat and will be leaving for breeder evals on November 8th, and Snickers grew way too much and gets his last set of shots on Monday. And here are pictures:

[Snickers on his back in the crate with his foot pushed up against the door.]
[Picassa and Snickers playing]
[Snickers sneak attacks Picassa from behind]

[I really didn't post them, I thought it was super cute the way Cos has her arm around Snickers.]
[Paris resting her head on Picassa's back. Paris really missed her little sister.]
[Snickers and I went to a friends birthday party and he found a foot to rest his head on.]
[Snickers sleeping with his tongue sticking out.]
[My three puppies playing together]
[Paris at my new job enjoying a rawhide. I love that all three pups can go to work with me.]
[Snickers getting his first set of shots]
[Paris and Snickers sleeping on a dog bed together.]
[Picassa in my car half way into the front seat. Silly dog, she really likes to be close to me.]
Me and Picassa went out with Sarah and Rafferty to see the Miners Day Parade and play tourist in Park City. We had a lot of fun.

Picassa going down some grated stairs. She was a little hesitant at first but these stairs are all over the place and she was pro by the end of the day.
Picassa watching the running of the balls. It's a little fundraiser event where people buy numbered golf balls and then they roll all the balls down a track on the street and the first ball to the end gets a prize. It was really fun to watch and work on Picassa ball distraction.
Picassa at the parade with a big firetruck behind her.
We also went to the Park City Museum. It was really interesting and had some fun displays. Here is Picassa and Rafferty sitting in a mine elevator. It was really scary, I would never be able to be a miner.
Picassa in one of the mining cars.
This was really cool, when you pull the trigger it makes a sounds like an explosion and lights flash and the rocks rumble. I was very proud of Picassa, she didn't hardly react at all.
Picassa in the first jail in Park City.
Picassa in a little cart they used to move rocks from inside the mine to the outside.
Picassa walking over the road with the Park City mountains behind her.
Picassa looks down onto the road.
Picassa in front of a HUGE horse from the parade.
Paris chillin' in the car.
Snickers, just cuz he's cute.
Paris and Picassa sharing a dog bed. I have three in my room but they always share. They are sweet girls.
Snickers chewing on a toy.
Picassa looking up at me while we were hiking.
Paris running through the foliage.
Picassa with the mountains and trees behind her. I loved the view!
Picassa trying to lick Paris tongue. Picassa is a strange little girl.
Paris with the trees and mountains behind her.
I love this picture of Marley looking out at the mountain.
Rafferty, Picassa, and Paris sitting on a big log during the hike.
Well that about does it for the last month.


GDB Puppy Sitter :) said...

That picture of Picassa with her "leg" around Snickers is precious! :) I loved all the pictures.

The company I work for actually sells the type of grating that Picassa is walking in one of the pictures. Whenever I bring a dog to work, it's great to take them out to the warehouse and have them walk on a ton of different surfaces. :)

Laila said...

You're dogs are adorable and they are friendly, I can see it in the picture and in their faces. You are very lucky having those dogs.

Dog Beds

Megan and Pasta said...

I looooooove the pictures! All your doggies are precious. Hope to meet you at fun day next year.