Monday, December 29, 2008

My boy is back!

Well, my boy is back and it is so nice to have him here.  He didn't get a great report from the puppy sitter but it was all things that I knew about and have been working on.  They said they liked him and that he was super sweet and really good out in public so that is good.  I was surprised how much he grew.  I dropped off a twenty pound baby and picked up a 27 pound toddler. lol Here he is in my car on the way home.  He was really happy to see me and went a little crazy.  But, we didn't go straight home I took him to run some errands and he was great.  I am so happy he is legal.  
We went to drop my computer off with a friend to fix it.  (Vladd shut off about a month ago and has been dead ever since, I am really hoping he can be revived before school starts next month or I am in trouble, it was hard enough ending the last semester without him I can't do it again!  Please Vladd come back, I miss you!)  We also went to Wal-mart to get a few things and he was okay there.  A tad more distracted than I had hoped and he wouldn't stop rubbing his face on my leg and I kept tripping, so we kept wal-mart short and left before I had everything I needed.  Then I had to run to school to sort some stuff out with my registration (they had me listed as non-resident, what the crap!)  So I took the opportunity to give Fullerton a tour of the school that he will be frequenting starting next month.  He did really well and we got stopped a lot and he sat patiently and let people pet him.  (Has anyone else, especially those with yellow dogs, noticed that people call your dogs Marley A LOT lately?  Fullerton sure got that about a million times today)  Anyway, here he is in the gift shop at UVU.
And I gave him his Jolly Ball (I left a wrapped sterilized bone with the puppy sitters to give him on Christmas and they said he loved it.)  The Jolly Ball was sure a hit, he loved it.
I also got updates on a couple of my dogs while I was gone.  When I got back I had an e-mail from Adelines mom.  Adeline continues to do really well at agility her speed is getting better too.  This is when she completed a fast and accurate course with 21 obstacles.  Good job Addie! Here are the pictures from her latest competition, she looks like she is really cruisin'.  

I also got a bit of an update on Sherman, which I am still smiling about.  A woman that I know from a e-mailing list sent me this message:  

My daughter and I were out shopping at the mall and ran into Sherman and his partner. I said I knew his original puppy raiser from online. She said to let you know how much she loves him! He has really gotten into her heart! She is hoping he will be fully hers soon. He is working about 70 percent accuracy. Not sure what they have to be to be fully successful. Wanted to pass on the info to you. 
I don't even have words to describe how happy I am. I am so glad that she loves him and that he is working well for her.  He was definitely a remarkable dog and was meant to have a job.  I am happy he is out there doing his thing and I hope he is officially hers soon too!! I also hope his accuracy gets better too I bet that would make the "official" process go a bit quicker.  But, I am happy to know he is loved.  Keep up the awesome work Sherman.  I miss you baby boy!
Well, have a grand night everyone.  


Lisa and Ellie said...

First off - love all the pics! WOW - Fullerton has grown a lot! Still adorable and cute! Sounds like he's doing so well. YAY Adeline - looks like you are boooooooking it! And, AWESOME NEWS from Sherman! WHOOOT!

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

I'm so glad you have your boy back! He's such a sweety! And people have been driving me nuts with the Marley thing, going to the movie with both Burgess and Tahoe was nuts. "Oh there's Marley! Oh no wait...THAT'S Marley." Ha no not even close.

Elizabeth and Alana said...

Glad to see Fullerton's sweet face again. :) Mexico looks like a lot of fun, too! That's so cool that you spent Christmas in the south.

Natalie said...

Awesome pics of Adeline! Looks like she's having lots of fun! Yay for Sherman, glad it is working out with him and his new partner.
Welcome home Fullerton! Luckily when I went to the movie with my black poodle puppysittee I didn't get any Marley comments ;)

Emily and the Labradors said...

I agree about the pictures of Adeline being awesome! And Fullerton is just as darling as ever... clad he's home and legal! And such good news about Sherman too! Angel has been really on my case lately about not having ordered the calendar yet... she can't wait to see her love on the glossy pages!

Tabatha said...

I absolutely love his big eyes!! He just looks so..... innocent!! Kinda a "who me??" look!! He is beautiful!!