Thursday, December 11, 2008

Success at the mall

Our last puppy class was at the mall last Saturday and Fullerton did fantastic. We have three new family's coming so it looks like our group is going to be growing again soon. We are expecting four new pups in the fall, so YAY!! Anyway, at the mall we worked on dog distractions and food distractions. Fuller didn't participate in the dog distraction excersizes but he got to watch. He was handled by one of the new raisers and just had to sit nicely. Which he did. :) He was also handled by the girl who is going to puppy sit him over Christmas and she is in love. He is half brother to the pup she sent back a few months ago. She is so excited to have him for 10 days. I am glad he left a good impression, hopefully he behaves himself while he is there. Anyway, he got to do food distractions a little bit. Our leader had the new family's walk around with some pieces of bread and offer then to the dogs. I was handling a FBL named Safari and she was awesome. She tried to take it the first time and after a little correction she didn't try and take any more. What a good girl. I also handled Myra during dog distractions and she was flawless. :) After that our leader had us walk the dogs around the mall, down the elevator and through the food court and then back. I took Fullerton for this part and he was absolutely AWESOME! I was so proud, he did great through the crowds of people and through the busy, fun smelling food court. The girl I was walking with and me got sidetracked and ended up loosing the group and then got lost in the mall so we walked around for a while. I was so proud of Fullerton, he was just marvelous. I could not have wished for my little 12 week old pup to do any better. We eventually found the rest of the group but then it was time to go. So I think my boy is definitely on the right track, he is quite confident and nothing really phases him much. Oh, and he has stopped protesting the "down" command. Which is good and kinda sad at the same time, his little leg kick always made me laugh. Everything is just clicking together.
This is our quick trip to Waly-world. As you can see he has finally grown enough to fit the GDB Puppy sleeve on his jacket. It still looks a tad funky, but is cute anyway. :)
AND. . .
He lost his two front teeth yesterday. Both of them within about 10 minutes of each other. (I did manage to locate one, but the other is gone) I don't remember any of my pups loosing teeth this early, they usually started around 4-5 months. He looks a little silly now. It is hard to see in the pic but I added some arrows to show where they were, just look for the dark pinkish red spots. :) He is growing too fast. I keep singing the "All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth" song to him. (There is still one more on the top and two on the bottom that are loose too, EEK!!)


Lisa and Ellie said...

ha ha - All I want for christmas is my two front teeth is right! :) He is loosing his teeth soon! My he certainly is trying to grow up quickly isn't he! YAY for being so good at the mall! :)

Natalie said...

Way to go Fullerton!