Monday, December 15, 2008

14 weeks

Since Fullerton has been having some riding in the car issues I have been taking him for random car rides every day. (And with the current gas prices I don't feel so guilty about it either) The day before yesterday I took him to go fill my car with gas. I got out and started pumping the gas and I look over and see this adorable face looking at me. This is his "ha ha you are out in the frigid cold whilst I wait for you inside the warm car" face.
Here is Fuller in the snow. He was more interested in eating it than anything else. It is also very difficult to get him to potty in it, but we are getting there. :)

In other Fullerton news he is doing great. He is pretty easy to manage for a puppy his age. He has lost two more teeth (the front ones on the bottom) so now he looks silly and is all gums in the front. He is still quite opinionated and we are working on it, but he not nearly as vocal as he was when he arrived. He is definitely my loudest puppy so far and just wants me to know when he doesn't approve of something. His commands are coming along, he is very smart and picked them up really quickly. I don't think any of my 3 month old pups knew all the commands that he does at this point. He is back on his kibble (YAY no more rice and cottage cheese) and is doing well on it. (He is still on his meds so time will tell) I was kinda worried about his weight he was looking REALLY skinny while on the rice/cottage cheese diet and I could not get him to gain any. Last Saturday (the 6th) he was 18 pounds but he started transitioning back to kibble the day after that and today is is almost 25 pounds. I feel much better with him like that, and he looks so much better too. His last vet appointment is on Thursday and then he will be "official" I am so excited and hopefully that is the last time we have to go for a long while, I think the vet is getting sick of seeing us. :) Well, I guess that is about it from here. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Oh, and in regards to the getting hit by a car. I am totally fine. I was walking across the parking lot and a lady backed into me. She stopped right away and she wasn't going very fast. I scuffed up my hands a bit and have a monstrous bruise on my thigh where the car hit me and on my hip where the pavement hit me. :) It wasn't that bad I was just in a foul mood that day. :)


Katlynn, DeSoto and Focus said...

I know exactly what you mean, worried that he is not gaining weight. Focus had the same problem, was on rice and chicken forever and medication. We tried to switch him to food and it would come right back again. Finally after 3 daogs in our club having the same dierrhea problem, our leaders approved us to put them on Pro Plan. The Pro Plan is working well with Focus and has not had dierrhea in a month or so. Just thought I would share becasue it seems like all pups coming from GDB have been having dierrhea.

Elizabeth and Alana said...

Ouch, getting hit by a car sounds like the kind of thing that I usually attract! So glad that you're okay and that it wasn't too bad.

Fullerton is cute, as usual! That's great that he is picking up on the commands so quickly, and YAY for no more icky diets! :)

Erin,Bubbles and Texas said...

Ok that picture has GOT to win an award of some kind. TOO CUTE!!!!

Glad you are ok in regards to your little accident! Ugh!!

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Ahhh Fullerton makes me laugh! He's so cute and just seems like a funny guy. :)

I'm also really glad that you're ok, and that you heard about Spanky and Sherman. Sounds like Spanky's new home is awesome! :)

Emily and the Labradors said...

Agreed about that picture being award winning! I was laughing so hard all the dogs came running!

Princess Coral said...

Is Fullerton getting his 2 front teeth for Christmas??? HaHaHa, He's too cute! And smart too:)

Lisa and Ellie said...

I think Ellie saw those videos of Fullerton doing goofy things during his down. Now she just bows and looks up at me like "really, you want me to down?" ha ha!

That first pic of Fullerton reminds me of all those commercials for Marley and Me! SUPER CUTE!

Glad you are okay and not hurt - albeit bruised.

SARAH said...

What a sweetie! Who could deny that face? :) I'm glad it was nothing serious. Maybe that lady should get her eyes checked, unless she enjoys backing over people. Glad your okay though

Career Changed Provo said...

I know what you are going through with his diet. When Provo first arrived he too spent much of his time on the rice and cottage cheese. Glad to hear he is doing so well. Fullerton is such a cutie!