Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Review of 2008

Well, 2008 definitely had it's ups and downs. It was a good year though. Here are some of our adventures from 2008. :)

on the 20th of this month was my boy Shermans first birthday. Other than that nothing too exciting happened, well Sherman learned how to honk my horn when he was sick of waiting for me. That made for some pretty entertaining experiences while putting gas in my car.

February: Sherman had some evals this month that decided which recall list he was on. We also had blogger pal Hobbs come for a few days.

March: Was the month that I found out that Sherman was leaving in June. It was also the month that Sherman made my Nephew, Cannon love dogs. :)
April: We went on a lot of fun outings like to the kids discovery museum, and the airport. Sherman also made it into the Community Connections Newsletter at GDB.

May: I found out that I got a job at Camp Bloomfield, I also learned that Sherman was going to be Mr. September for the GDB calendar. It was also my last month with Sherman. Tahoma (my second puppy) turned four. I was also supposed to get a baby puppy (MBL Texas) this month but since I was going to camp decided to get a transfer pup instead.

June: It was the month that Sherman was leaving for training. I received my sixth puppy Spanky. I also left to go to camp for the summer. Later that month I found out that Sherman was cc'd and was devastated that he would not be a guide and hoped he would find another job. And Spanky turned 1!
July: Spent all month at Camp which was such a blast. Spanky taught kids to walk dogs and about dog care. I turned 23 (AAAHHH!) and I found out that Sherman was accepted into Dogs4Diabetics!! :D

August: More time at camp, went to Fun Day in San Rafael, found out that Spanky had a recall for October. I also got home from camp and had to start doing real world stuff again. :) I was able to go to an agility competition for Adeline and saw Sherman at Fun Day.
September: Nothing really happened this month. I got a job at a jr high, which I like but can be overwhelming at times. (Jr High kids are just cruel sometimes!!) And had my last month with Spanky (so I thought)
October: Spanky was cc'd after an eval with our CFR. I kept his as a pet for three weeks before GDB could pick him up and I enjoyed every minute of it. Found out that I was getting a MYL "F" puppy the end of the month. (So I though) Took Spanky to the puppy truck ready to say goodbye but then returned home with him anyway. :)
November: I had to actually say goodbye to Spanky. Finally met my new puppy Fullerton. Found out that Sherman was placed with his partner and am still waiting for him to be official.
December: Well, you guys know, Had tons of snow, went to Mexico, found out Spanky had a forever home, Fuller continues to learn and grow and all my dogs are happy, what more can I ask for. :)
Here is to a fabulous 2009 with hopefully a few more ups than 2008 had to offer. :) Happy New Year Everyone


Lisa and Ellie said...

WHat a neat look back! Happy New Year!

Hannah and Myra said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good year. Hope this year has a few more ups for you.