Friday, January 16, 2009

No Interesting Title

Well, it's about time for an update. Fullerton is doing amazing! Don't get me wrong he is not perfect or anything I am just so impressed with him. He shows a real initiative and a willingness to work that I just love, love, love. He has a long way to go and I am so excited to get to be there to mold him and watch him grow. :) Anyway, last night was our first puppy class of the year, all the dogs were great. We worked on the food-induced-recall and dog distractions. (Which Fuller is great at, he isn't dog distracted at all, he would rather hang out with his momma.) After puppy class I came home with an extra puppy. I am very honored to have the opportunity to puppy-sit our clubs cross puppy, Dax. He is great, he is a very. . . "happy" puppy, but not over the top obnoxious. I really enjoy having him here. He is already making me think that having a golden or a cross to raise would be a lot of fun. :) Here are some pictures from Dax's first day here.
^Classic Dax playing with a kong

^Fullerton and Dax playing . . . sorry Dax, Fullerton was really frustrated that he couldn't get the toy so he started going for the ears instead. The play time stoped shortly after. The intense look on Fullertons face just cracks me up.
^The boys hang out in my room. You can really see the golden part of Dax he has a very Golden head (and personality, :)
^Dax playing in the snow (I am making this his new profile picture on my club website, it is so cute and totally shows his personality)
^ I really love Dax's head. It is so gorgeous!

^This is what the boys look like right this very minute. :) They are really great together. Dax is here until Monday and then his raiser will come and get him, but until then we are going to have loads of fun together. I REALLY like him (If I haven't made that quite clear yet, lol)

And of course a video of the boys playing. Fullerton was tired and tried to lay down and Dax kept trying to get him to play, Fullerton got sick of it and went a tad berserk before taking refuse under the bed. He makes me laugh. You will just have to see it. Oh, and when I scream it is not because Fullerton runs into me, I thought he was going to but instead he went through a six inch gap between me and the kennel to dive under the bed. He just gave me a bit of a fright, but all is well. lol


Elizabeth and Alana said...

Doubling up is SO much fun. :) I can definitely see some of that Domingo look in Dax. It looks like Fuller and him are having a great time together.

Coreena and Eva said...

I love the video! He is such a cute pup!

Madison and Andros said...

He is SO cute, he reminds me of my 1st cross Conover! Sounds like Fullerton is doing well!

Tabatha said...

HAHA Its pretty funny when the YOUNGER puppy is running and hiding from the older dog!! It really did look like he was just going to run right over ya!!

Irish said...

That is a very funny video. i don't know how you kept the camera so steady when they were moving so fast. I particularly liked your exclamations during the video. They looked like they had a great time.

Martha G said...

Hi Megan! Thanks for the comments on my blog and for the welcome to GDFB puppy raising. I'm very excited about this experience! Fullerton sounds like a great puppy (and I like his name).

Martha and Ardella

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Oh my! I just love Fullerton, he seems like such a cute and funny boy! Dax is very handsome. The video made me laugh, because that's exactly how Chappelle looks when he's playing with the puppies. Those crosses sure are the greatest! You definitely should think about applying for one. :) That or a golden. ;)

Anna said...

Dax is so handsome!! Makes me want a cross even more!!!!!!

I loved the video....Tianna would do the quick dart under the bed thing...freaked me out every time. I kept thinking she'd hit her head or something.