Saturday, January 3, 2009

Baby Pictures!!!

Fullertons mom's raiser (did you follow that, kinda confusing) just sent me pictures of the litter that she got from when they were born. I was so excited to see little tiny Fullerton and his brothers. They are adorable. First this is what she had to say about his mom Saga:
"Saga's personality is gentle, but has spunk to it with occasional brattiness."
That sounds about spot on regarding Fullerton. I think Fuller is a tad more "energetic" we will call it. :) Anyway, first you can look at this picture (I am pretty sure that is Forte and either Filby or Flamenco) and this picture (That is Forte and one of the black pups, but you can see Fullertons fanny in the corner) that was posted by GDB on their website.

Here is Fullertons mom Saga at her breeder Graduation.
Here is Miss. Saga while she was pregnant with the "F" pups.
Here is the ultrasound of the "F" pups. Look at those little puppy blobs. :)

Saga with the 2 day old "F" pups. Fullerton is the closest one to Saga's head. Aren't they cute little pudge balls. :D
Here they at 1 week old. Fullerton is the one at the top of the picture then either Filby or Flamenco and Forte at the bottom.
And 2 weeks old. Fullerton is the one closest to Saga's head again and the other three boys as well. :D
And Fullerton again. I am not sure how old he is in this pic but he looks a bit older than the two week picture. :)
And my boy again.
I am so happy to have all those baby pictures of Fullerton and his brother. They are so very cute.


Emily, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Ahh that's so cool you got all those pictures!! What cute little puppies :)

Fullerlifewithdogs said...

Fullerton was about two weeks old in the "tongue" picture, it was also taken on 9-16

Elizabeth and Alana said...

Adorable pictures! I received a lot of pictures of Alana when she was a baby, but it's very hard to pick your dog out of eight tiny black littermates. ;) That's so neat that you got those!

Tabatha said...

aww thats awesome to be able to see him when he was so little!!!!

Madison and Andros said...

So cute! I love baby pictures!!! It's so great when you get to see little pup pics!

Princess Coral said...

How cute!!! It's hard to believe those tiny fuzzballs grow up to 50+ pound dogs...

BTW, still interested in becoming a trainer? My friend said to look for an open position or internship at the GDB kenal. If they are looking for an apprentice, you may directly apply too.

Emily and the Labradors said...

That is so cool!!! And especially neat the you can ID Fullerton in so many of the photos too!