Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!! (and my house guest)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
I want to start by giving a small (very, very small) list of things I am thankful for:

1. My Family (who have supported me through everything and put up with my weirdness and only abandoned me a few times when I sing to loud in the department store and then get my hair caught in a hanger. . . (so I may have had too much caffeine.) :)

2. My Friends (for similar reasons but I won't list the weird things that I do in front of them. ;) and BTW if you read this I consider you a friend. Because I also am thankful for my blogging pals, it is so nice to know that there are so many of us out there working toward the same goal of helping the blind gain independence.

3. My Puppies (who have taught me an infinite amount and have enriched my life so much. I am blessed to have had so many wonderful dogs in my life and have been honored to be the one to raise them, that's Prudy, Tahoma, Glennie, Adeline, Sherman, Spanky, and now Fullerton)

4. My Education (I really do enjoy school and I love learning new things)

Those are the main things but I am thankful for so much more, my health, technology, to not live in an age where I would have to wear a dress all the time. (I hate dresses!! WITH A PASSION!!) Anywho, I will stop there.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Not only do we get to celebrate all the things we are thankful for but we also get to have an excuse for a few days off of work and a day to gorge ourselves to bloatation with nummy, delicious food. (especially mashed potato's and gravy, stuffing and pumpkin pie. . . mmm. . . salivating already) but it is also a holiday and people go out of town. And when certain people go out of town other certain people are there to watch their guide dog puppies. So, during this weekend I have Myra. She is a sweet girl. The last time I had her she was much smaller and especially when I am used to having Fullerton she seems really big. But she is a sweetheart. Here is Princess Myra. (she is 14 months old now)
Here is Myra and Fullerton. They are really great together and don't seem to be distracted by each other at all. In fact, they haven't really tried to play or anything. It is really nice, this is Fullertons first time with another dog since he left his siblings at GDB and he is doing wonderful with her.
This is just too cute not to share.
Myra and Fullerton. After Myra got here she claimed the bed and Fuller had to be on the floor. After a while he crept over and did a little army crawl over to Myra and eventually he was right next to her. She didn't seem to mind though.
I felt so bad for Myra because Fullerton is a pretty squirmy puppy, he doesn't hold still for very long so he would crawl all over her while she was trying to sleep. (I think she would make a good mommy, she is very patient with him.)
Then he finally fell asleep. WOOT!!!

"My what big teeth you have. . . and stinky breath!"
And Fullerton chewing a big boy bone. I think all Fullerton really needed was a mentor dog. He is finally sleeping with her around and he is actually chewing on a bone. It makes me happy. Hopefully he continues after she goes, I am really happy she came.
It is also fun to have a big dog around. My family has a tradition of going to the movies every Thanksgiving morning and Myra is going to join us. It will be the first time I take a dog out in a long time. Hopefully she enjoys the movie. Apparently it is about a dog but I don't remember what it is called. And it is in 3-D. It should be fun. Too bad Fuller has to stay home. I think he would enjoy it. :) Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

~~Megan, Myra, Fullerton & Spanky (in spirit, I really hope he finds his forever home before Christmas so he can spend the holidays out of the kennels.)


Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Myra is adorable with her red nose! Fullerton looks like he's enjoying her. :)

Elizabeth and Alana said...

It looks like you are having double fun with both Myra and Fullerton! I love having two dogs at once. :D

Emily and the Labradors said...

Sounds like a really nice holiday! The dogs are so cute together too! Myra is probably used to being the "big sister" after helping with Lansing so much :)

Lisa and Ellie said...

It wouldn't let me post a comment yesterday - so hopefully this one works.

Sounds like wonderful holiday - the pics of Myra and Fullerton are just adorable! How great to have double the fun!

Irish said...

Happy Thanksgiving (belated). Fullerton is adorable and seems to be able to "run with the big dogs". Will be interested to hear his progress.

Anonymous said...

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