Saturday, November 8, 2008

The First few days

I just wanted to let everyone know what me and Fully have been up to the last few days. He is still an awesome puppy and is learning so fast. His recall is almost perfect it is his favorite game in the world. Potty training is going smoothly and I think it is starting to click with him. I think that he thinks that I am a little crazy because every time he goes potty I jump up and down and get so excited. When he starts going and I give him the potty command and then I praise him he looks over at me and when he is done he comes over for a good pat down. He thinks that game is pretty fun too. :) My only big complaint is that he doesn't sleep through the night. He wakes up two or three times a night and after we go out he screams for a good 30 minutes to an hour before settling back down. I have tried all the tricks in the book with little success. Hopefully we can work it out soon because me and sleep deprivation do not get along. The first night he was here it was practically blizzarding, you think I would get a break my first night but no it had to snow. It's a good thing I like the cold and snow. Fullerton was so funny though, he would sniff to find a place to go and his nose would get in the snow and he would sneeze and shake his head when his nose touched that white stuff. It was pretty fun to watch. He is just a fun puppy. My initial impression of him was wrong, he is a pretty spunky and active pupper but that is okay. I take him for a few rounds around my cul-de-sac every morning, noon, and night (We have the only dogs on this street so I am still being careful until he gets his shots) and that seems to wear him out. He also does some baby puppy, uncoordinated labby loops that are pretty entertaining. He tries to itch himself while he walks which usually ends with him falling on his face and that is funny too. I have missed having a baby so much and I am really loving it. Too bad the silly puppy phase doesn't last nearly long enough. I also went out and got him a name tag. So he is official (and really jingly)

Fullerton also had his first puppy meeting today which he did wonderfully. I was so proud of him. Everyone in the club loves him too (how could you not) it was fun. We met in a school Gym and talked about long lines and practiced using them (well Fuller didn't he got to watch though) after that my leader taught us how to make our own long lines and that was interesting I never would have thought of making my own. :) (I am SO not crafty) Then we practiced recall, Fullerton did great, I was so proud) then we walked through the school where another dog in our group (his raiser works there) has had some fear issues we walked out a door into a parking lot with one of our group members cars running and he did great. I carried Fullerton around the car but he didn't react at all. The dog with the issues did wonderfully as well, he didn't hardly react and then he jumped into a car while it was on (apparently he has struggled with that as well) so we ended on a positive note for him. We were all proud and took turns telling him how good he was. Oh, there was also a grated ramp to walk up to go in the school, I let Fullerton walk up and down that a few times too (I don't think he even noticed. He didn't care at all) So, I think his first puppy class was a success.

And now PICTURES!! (Okay so I have filled up my camera card two and a half times now of pictures of Fullerton. I am a bit snap happy)

This is currently Fullertons favorite toy. He hardly ever plays with his dog toys. He would much prefer to carry his bowl around, chew on it and throw it around the room.
Leaves are also his favorite thing. We are working on it and he ignores them most of the time but they are still so much fun to crunch. :)
Just plain cute. (I finally got him to hold still for two seconds for me to get a decent picture.
By the time I thought of getting "Fullerton in the snow" pictures it had melted all except for these bushes so I took him over for some pics anyway.
YAY! He is SLEEPING!! To bad my flash woke him up and he didn't settle down for a while. :)
One of his favorite spots. For some reason he likes being half under my bed. Makes for a cute picture anyway.
I thought that this would be a good size comparison picture. The doggy bed makes him look tiny, I guess he is pretty small, but he will grow. :)
Just this morning he has started going up and down the stairs by himself. He will go all the way up with minimal coaxing down is a different story. Once we get within five feet of the stairs he freezes so I pick him up and put him down about 1/4 of the way down and make him do the rest himself. He is doing pretty good. This is the first time he went up by himself. He stopped on this step and whined for about ten minutes before I finally picked him up. I set him back down about two steps from the top and he did the rest himself. Now he does the whole thing (except going down) :) But I am still proud of him.
He takes so long to eat that he starts eating standing up and then he will sit and eventually he lays down. It is funny to watch the progression. :)
My Nephew, Cannon, came over after puppy class this morning and got to meet Fullerton for the first time. They were good for a bit but Fullerton is a bit to rambunctious for Cannon so after a little while I separated them.
Cannon pets Fullerton.
Fullertons other favorite place. (Only when he is on tie-down.) He likes to crawl under my dresser.Here are some videos of him. The first is his labby loops, then going down the stairs and going up the stairs. He scares me going down because he jumps the last one or two steps. We will work on that but I am just happy that he is finally doing it on his own. :)

I love this pup!!!


Lisa and Ellie said...

oh - glad he did so well on your club meeting. How great! He's so cute. WOW - snow on your first night? Oh goodness!

Brittany said...

He is so stinking cute!!! It makes me want another PIT! Good luck with him sleeping through the night. With Hobbs we finally had to have him sleep on tie-down because he litterally screamed and barked for 5 hours straight! After about a month on tie-down he slept just fine in his kennel.

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Oh my goodness! He is so cute! :) I love the videos, he's so funny going down the stairs. ;)I'm glad potty training and recall are going well, hopefully the little guy starts to think that sleeping is ok to.

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Too cute! Glad you are having fun with him.

Erin and guide pup Midnight said...

AWww!! I wish I were getting another puppy sooner, but the mention of cold and snow makes me re think that! LOL!!! I love the down stairs video. Rei did the same thing with our porch!!!

Natalie said...

So adorable!! Go Fullerton! Hope he starts sleeping through the night soon...I think all puppy raisers can understand why sleep deprivation can be used as a form of torture...

thepuppyraiser said...

He's a crackup on those stairs! Glad to hear he's being such a fun boy :)

TSE Puppyraiser said...

Oh goodness he is TOO CUTE! His eyes are so expressive and you're right, he's jingly with his new tags. :-)

Here's to hoping you'll be able to sleep through the night again soon!

Tabatha said...

HEE HEE I love the flying leap off the bottom couple of steps!! he was so careful to hug the wall on the waydownill there!! To funny!!!

Emily and the Labradors said...

Ummmmm... do you think it would be ok if I stopped over and "borrowed" Fullerton? He is so darling!!!

Colby, Derby, Stetson, and Linus said...

Hopefully he starts sleeping better. I had the same issues with Stetson and would basically talk to him for about 10 minutes before he'd fall asleep. If I didn't talk to him he'd whine, cry, howl for 30 minutes to an hour.

If that doesn't work you can hire this guy to sing him to sleep: Guy Sings Puppies To Sleep

Anna W. said...

So cute!!!!!!!!! You could wear him out by just having him run stairs all day :D

Princess Coral said...

Hi Megan & Fullerton,

Hope you are both sleeping well:)
Fullerton, you're sooo cute!