Saturday, July 7, 2007

Why. . .

Why do people have to make you feel guilty about raising puppies?

Three different times today people stoped me and were asking about Adeline, and telling me how horrible it was of me to give her back. The one that bugged me the most was a lady who stopped me in Wal-mart and said:
Lady: You got a new one.
Me: Ya this is Sherman.
Lady: Oh, I miss the old one, she was cuter, don't you.
Me: Of course I miss her, but she is on to bigger and better.
Lady: So which one do you like the most?
Me: (pause. . . I was surprised by the question as I had never been asked that before) I love them both for different reasons and they both have little quirks that annoyed me. They are like kids and each has their own personality, strengths and weaknesses, it is hard to say if I like one over another.
Lady: I could never raise puppies and give them away. I love dogs to much to do that to them!
Me: (stunned silence. . . didn't she understand that the whole point of raising these dogs is to help someone that needs them?!?!?)
Lady: Well, isn't it hard on the dog to get used to you for 18 months and then just send them packing with people and places they don't know.
Me: No, these dogs usually adapt well to all situations and people. They just love to please whoever is on the other side of the leash. Most of what we do is teach basic commands and socialize them so they get used to being everywhere so that makes the transition a lot easier.
Lady: Well, I hope your yellow one is in a good home. (I ran into her a while before when Sherman was too young to go out and so she new Adeline was cc'd)
Me: She is living with the women who raised her for a few months before I got her.
Lady: Oh, good.

and then she walked away. Some people just erk me the wrong way. GGRRRRRR!!!


Brittany, Hobbs, and Patriot said...

I am sorry! People can say the most annoying things sometimes. I wish people weren't so miss informed.

Blitz said...

Oh yes, I COMPLETELY know what you mean. I've had people say things like, "I feel sorry for Jaylie since you got ride of her." I did NOT "get rid" of her. I GAVE HER UP, because I could only have one dog, and I wanted to raise again. And there's not a day that goes by that I don't MISS Jaylie, but I don't regret my decision either.

Runza said...

Oh my goodness. THat lady is CRAZY! You did a good job in a VERY awkward situation. I am stunned she couldn't see the bigger picture. I always tell people, of course we love the dogs, but it's about people more than the dogs. Many still don't get it. But, on the plus side, many more people do get it and that means education is working. Keep up the good work. You're doing a great thing!!

Emily and Cordova said...

I am SO sorry!! I haven't really had that, but I have had TONS of people come up to me and make me very angry, but usually that is because they tell me I am doing it wrong. I am very sorry :( What your doing is a very good thing!! Don't regret what you are doing!!

Megan & Sherman said...

The worst is when people tell you that your dog is never going to be a guide dog if they are acting like that, and I am thinking: "Well, he is four months old and still has a lot to learn!" It takes time, they are not perfect overnight. Oh, well, thanks for all the kind words, it really means a lot!

The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

Im soo sorry about your encounter. Some people can be so infuriating!! I too have had people come up to me and say things like "your so cruel to make your dog work" or "I cant believe that you would just give your dog away to someone it doesnt know (in reference to my CC'd dog" or my personal favorite "your dog will never make it. hes a lab and labs arent smart enough to work" - umm excuse me! Know that all puppy raisers have to deal with people who are misinformed or just do not understand that selfless act that we puppy raisers go through over and over. You did a good job with a hard situation. We are all behind you.