Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A day at the Movies.

Yesterday I got off work early because of the holiday (still have to work today though AARRGG!!!) so I decided to take my three little sisters to a movie. Of course Sherman went with me and he did fantastic. I always try to get to movies reasonably early especially if I have my PIT's with me so that I am not crawling over people with them. Anyway, so we got to the theatre and as soon as we walked inside there is popcorn covering the floor. Sherman didn't even look at it, I was so proud. We went into the movie and picked out our seats, layed out my little blanket that I carry around in my car, just in case. (Prudy got puked on in a theatre, Tahoma got in some soda, and a pup I was sitting for layed in a big wad of gum. So now I carry a blanket to theatres to avoid getting in icky, sticky stuff) Sherman layed down and the movie started. There was this little girl sitting in front of us who thought that it was fun to throw popcorn at Sherman. He did eat the first piece but after a correction and my hand crammed down his throat to retract said piece of popcorn he didn't try to eat any more that the girl was tossing. She got bored after a while and stopped, I was a little perturbed but didn't say anything because I didn't want to disturb the movie goers. The best part was after the movie was over and we got up to leave and were walking down the stairs and were serenaded with ooh's and aah's and "I didn't know there was a dog in here" I gave Sherman a pat on the head and told him what a good boy he was.

This went much better than some past theatre experiences. I took Tahoma to a Harry Potter movie while I had her and during a loud banging scene she decided to jump up and bark at the mean man on the screen. And at another movie before it even started someone stepped on Prudy and she screamed like it was her great death scene. (Prudy has always been a bit of a drama queen) Both instances followed with people saying "OMG, I think there is a dog in here!" "Did you hear that, there is a dog here." That is embarrassing.
So needless to say I am very proud of this boy and look forward to more new experiences with him. I know he will do great, he has taken everything I have thrown at him in stride and always impresses me!


Runza said...

AWESOME!!! Photogenic and a perfect movie goer. Couldn't ask for a better puppy. I can't believe that girl kept throwing popcorn at Sherman. Where was her parents? What a good Sherman for ignoring those kernels. I remember some girls (what is it about girls) threw peanuts at Runza when we went to a KC Chiefs game. They also dumped beer all down my back because I asked them to stop. People are so weird. But, I'm so proud of how well Sherman did. I'll have to remember the blanket idea - that's a good one!!!

Brittany, Hobbs, and Patriot said...

I can't believe some people would be so inconsiderate! Good boy sherman for ignoring it. I also do the blanket thing because my girl Calliope knew she couldn't have popcorn so if there was any near her she wouldn't lay down or sit anywhere close to it. I think she was corrected a little bit too much for food distractions. Give Sherman a pet for being such a good puppy!

Emily and Ellis said...

Way to go Sherman! Movies are so hard with puppies... it is so dark and hard to tell what all is going on down there. I always feel compelled to bring the pup though! We have a club outing once a year to the movies... this year the movie was terrible, but the cool thing was we were the only ones in the teater, so we could talk and move around if we wanted. Made the experience bearable at least :) Last year we went to Eight below... one of the puppies felt the need to bark and howl along with the pack on the screen. I couldn't believe that they didn't all join in!

Emily and Cordova said...

Good job Sherman!! You are better than me, I would have told her to stop!! I would have been very mad... I have never had a bad expereince at the movies.. Cordova has been to 4 I think. Well, good job Sherman!!