Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sherman and Hobbs

Brittany joined our puppy meeting this morning. It was a fun class, we met at the mall and worked on food distractions. I snapped a few pictures of the boys after the meeting. Hobbs makes Sherman look like a giant, I can't believe that Sherman was that small once. :) Hobbs is just perfect too, he is ready for that harness, and handsome to boot. *smiles* It was nice seeing and catching up with you Brittany! See ya at Fun Day!

Hobbs & Sherman

Cutie Hobbs


Emily, Ellis, and Angel said...

What a handsome pair! And see... Sherman is plenty big! He just needs to be compared to the right dogs ;)

Natalie said...

haha you could compare him to Fielder, and he would be absolutely ginormous!!

Erin & Rei said...

awww so cute!