Saturday, July 7, 2007

Phase report

It has been a while since I posted the phase reports so here goes:

Adeline's Sibs:
Adeline cc'd for fear issues
Albright Phase 9 almost there!!!!!!!!
Alya Dissapeared in phase 4, I assume she was cc'd :(
Anna Phase 4
Argyle Phase 8
Artemis Graduated as a guide 6/30!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avani Phase 3
Avery Graduated as a guide 6/30!!!!!!!!!!!
Amigo never showed up on the phase report and they are all 21 months old now so I assume he was an early cc.

Glennies Sibs:
Cortez Phase 10, ready to be a guide :)
Gaucho Dissapeard in phase 5, I assume he was cc'd
Giovanna Breeder!!
Glenetta Dissapeared in phase 8, dunno, I think she was cc'd, but she could be a guide. . .
Glennie cc'd for stress on outings

Homies Kids:
Rae Breeder!!!
Rally Phase 2
Rebel Phase 2
Renna Phase 10, could be placed any day now. Crossing my fingers for her!
Rose Phase 8
Russ Phase 8
Radar Early cc before going IFT not sure the reason