Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Weekend

Since the puppy truck didn't come on Friday I went to Salt Lake with my family and we played all day. We took my grandma and cousin to the airport and then we went to the Gateway to play.

This is Fullerton at the airport, after my grandma got out of the van he stood up and when I told him to sit he sat in her vacant seat. My older sister, bro-in-law and nephew beat us there so they went to the children's discovery museum so after we got to the Gateway we had to wait for them to finish in the museum so we went to Barnes and Noble to look around. While we were walking out we ran into this Great Dane named Daisy. She is a seizure alert dog that her owner trained. We talked for a long time about service dogs and I told her about Sherman (my pup who is now a medical alert dog for Dogs4Diabetics) and she told me she has a friend who is diabetic and has been looking into getting a diabetic dog and she is going to tell her about the program. :) I hope her friend is able to get a dog, that would be awesome! Anyway Daisy and Sherman enjoyed saying hello to each other and after we left the back of Fullerton's neck was all wet. Daisy is a slobbery dog. It was so neat to meet her and learn about seizure alert dogs. Daisy was gorgeous (and humongous!!) and very well behaved!! The funniest thing though is that my nephew kept pointing at her and saying "Moo, Moo!" My sister was so embarrassed but Daisys mom thought it was funny too and said, "Yes, she does look a little like a cow." It was pretty funny. :D
Daisy's handler told me that Daisy has pulled her across streets to get her to safety before a seizure and that Daisy has saved her life many, many times! Good Girl Daisy!! Daisy's handler also thanked me for raising puppies for other people and wanted me to know how much she appreciates puppy raisers and all they do. :D

After we left the book store we went out to the fountain. The water sprays to the beat of music. The song was playing, but the pic got taken between beats, I tried to get one with the water spraying behind us but it didn't work. Oh, well. :D

After walking around and window shopping for a bit, we were all hungry so we got lunch. Fullerton waited patiently under the table while we ate.

After lunch my nephew played on those little quarter toy things. Anyway, Fullerton got to ride in a rocket ship.
After lunch we walked around the mall for a little longer before making our way to Trax to ride to Temple Square. Here is Fullerton on Trax for the first time. This is how he looked at me right when the train started moving. He was a little surprised.

He was great during the short trip to Temple Square. Good boy Fuller!

And just because he is SO cute, here is my nephew on the train. He REALLY enjoyed the ride.
Cannon was so funny, he climbed the steps of the temple and started knocking on the door. My whole family got a kick out of that and were just cracking up. He is such a goofy kid.Fullerton on Temple Square. He is so very handsome. I love this boy!!

Fullerton with the flowers. My mom always gets super jealous of the flowers on temple square because hers never get that big or bright.

After temple square got back on the train, walked to the parking lot and headed home. Fullerton was amazing as usual. I love that I am able to trust him going everywhere. He is already starting to be really consistent and trustworthy. (until the teen phase kicks in at least) I adore Fullerton!!
Once I got home from Salt Lake I took Fullerton over to the puppy sitter for an over-nighter. I went and judged the Utah State Drama Competition today and had a blast. There are some very talented kids there. I was happy to pick my boy back up on my way home though. He got a great report from the sitter as well. She really enjoyed having him for the night. But, as usual I am glad to have him back again. It is hard to sleep without him snoring next to my bed. :D


Natalie said...

Love that picture of him on the train, it's hilarious! Yay Fuller for being such a great boy!

Elizabeth and Peyton said...

How wonderful it must have been to meet Daisy! Fullerton looks so adorable as always. It sounds like he is doing very well. :)

Madison and Andros said...

Those pictures are so cute! Sounds like Mr. Fuller was a good boy!

Emily and the Labradors said...

Sounds like a great day! And very cool to meet Daisy, who sounds like an excellent example of how successful owner trained service dogs can be! I know they sometimes get a bad rap because of a few bad seeds, which is unfair when there are so many very talented dogs out there!

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Wow! I wonder how she gets her on an airplane?!?! So cool to meet other working dogs. Fullerton looks so cute in front of the flowers!

Madison and Andros said...

Is Brazil a LGX??

Madison and Andros said...

CCI usually changes the letter so I'm sure this is my boys litter! :) I want photos SO bad.... more waiting though!

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Daisy DOES look like a cow--albeit a skinny one! Good job, Fullerton! You guys are doing so well!!