Thursday, April 16, 2009


It has been snowing here for the last two days. We have about 10 inches right now and it is really heavy, wet snow, so it sticks everywhere! And since the weather has been so bad lately the puppy truck that was supposed to come through tomorrow is delayed until Saturday. And now I can't go get my puppy fix. :( On Saturday I am going to be a judge at the state drama competition for all the high schools in the state and it lasts all day long. I am sad I don't get to meet all those little puppies. It is supposed to be really nice and warm on Saturday so that's good.

Here are some pictures of the snow this morning. This shows how it sticks to the fence. There are some places you can't see through at all.

And since the snow is so heavy there are trees that have lost HUGE branches all over the place. This is my neighbors tree that has fallen into our backyard. We also have a tree in our front yard that got split in HALF, seriously it is so sad. My other neighbors fence collapsed from a big branch falling on it.

My mom loves Tulips and she planted about 50 bulbs before winter and they are all starting to grow, but now she is worried that the tulips are going to freeze. Poor little things!

Fullerton thinks the snow is way fun though. He had a good romp this morning until he was all soaking wet and shaking from the cold.
So, he came inside to relax and warm up on his dog bed. (thanks for the idea from some other raisers) I put both of my Costco dog beds together and Fullerton LOVES his Pretty, Puffy, Prince bed. :D


Brittany said...

Holy Cow! We got a little dusting of snow up here, but nothing like that! I am glad Fullerton likes the snow, but that is sad about the puppy truck.

Mitch and Mr. M said...

WOW!!!! You got SO much more snow than we did! We only got about 3 inches over here on the west side of the valley! It stinks you can't come on Saturday! I'll be sure to post a ton of pictures!

Hannah and Mr. M said...

We got a little bit of snow compared to you. Yet we didn't have any tree limbs fall down either. I do think we all have are little spill about not being able to have the puppy truck come tomorrow. Thats sad the puppy truck will not work for you on saturday. I will take a bunch of pictures.

Emily and the Labradors said...

I know! This is seriously messing with my weekend! I had cleared my schedule weeks ago so I could go to the workshop on Saturday... and now it is sunday! And my 30 hours with the baby puppy I am picking up will now be about 4 hours... assuming I can get my schedule moved around to go on Sunday! Grrr... but better that the drivers, puppies, and truck are safe though!

Madison and Andros said...

The snow pictures are so cute! I bet Fuller enjoyed the snow though....Too bad you can't meet the new GDB puppies...I hate when plans fall through :(

Lisa and Ellie said...

WOW - that's a lot of snow!!!! You can keep it though! :D

I heard that it's not the cold that makes tulips unhappy, but the weight of the snow on them. I love pics of tulips in the snow though - it's just the cutest thing! I hope they survive!

Fullerton looks like he knows where to stay on cold, winter days! :D

Carrie and Waffle said...

ohhh love the tulip pictures, hope they make it! Waffle sends her love from her pretty, pretty princess bed.