Thursday, April 9, 2009

Empty Kennels are Depressing!!

Well, we had puppy class tonight and puppy assignments were finally given. WOOT WOOT!! Our club is getting FIVE new BOYS. And since our resident female is leaving on the puppy truck that means that our club is going to be ALL boys for a while. That is a lot of testosterone. :D It will definitely be interesting. Our club is getting:
3 MBL's from Cabby/Elsa "M"
1 MBL from Eric/Blossom "P"
1 MYL from Bosworth/Lilo "D"

I am so excited to go to the puppy truck next week and meet all the new little ones, and get a puppy breath fix. Also, when all the pups come Fullerton is going to be one of the oldest pups in the club. . . weird. I don't think he is prepared to live up to those expectations yet, he still wants to be the baby of the group. :D

One of the raisers getting her first pup next week has not puppy sat yet so. . .Fullerton went home with her to break her in. I really hope he is on his best behavior and doesn't do anything to embarrass me. lol I miss him so much already, it is sure gonna be a LONG weekend. I keep looking over at his empty kennel and it is just depressing. . .


Carrie and Waffle said...

Lani enjoyed being the queen of all her men, when our club only had boys. It is a shock to see that life, time, ect rolls on, it so clear to see with the pups. Kind of a shock when you've had the baby and now you've got the 'old man' enjoy a few dog free days you'd be surprised what life is like sans dog.

Sammy and her angel said...

Empty kennels are not fun!!! Just think of the joy you are giving to that new puppy raiser...puppysitting before I got my own puppy was the best thing I did.

Fuller will be back soon to give you wags and licks :)

Martha G said...

So, it's your club that's getting all the boys! : ) My club has mostly girls and all the most recent puppies but 1 have been female.

Fullerton is such a wonderful puppy. He'll do fine at the sitter's.

Mary Ann said...

Your kennel looked room size in the picture. I have to take a couple of looks.

I'm sure Fullerton will make you proud.

Emily and the Labradors said...

Wow! So many boys!!! And a little Blossom baby too... I can't wait for my fix of puppy breath too. I have a feeling next weekend is all I'll need to convince myself to put in an application for a June/July puppy ;)