Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally. . . A Puppy Fix!!!

First off, Thanks to everyone for their flying tips, I feel a little more confident and I think I have everything planned out, so hopefully all goes smoothly. :D

I was not planning on going to puppy class tonight since it was just for the baby puppies but I looked at my clock at 6:50 after studying for finals for four hours straight and I was in desperate need of a break so I decided (since puppy class was about 5 min from my house and started at 7pm) that I would go get a puppy fix. That's reason enough to put off my studying. . . right?!?!? So, I put Fullerton in his kennel (since it is a baby puppy meeting and he was not invited) grabbed my camera and was off. I am so happy I went, all the new pups in our club are freakin' adorable. I tried to steal a couple of them but worried about getting beat to death by their raisers. Just kidding, but I really wanted to take them all home. It seems like we got a bunch of really nice pups, they all seem pretty mellow and are learning really fast. Their raisers are doing great! I am sure you guys are sick of, well, reading me talking so without further ado, here are the pictures. :D Enjoy!

This is Journey. He slept through most of the meeting.

This is Meade. He is awesome!

This is The Big Butterball. . .

I mean Dickens. Seriously, he is the biggest 9 week old puppy I have ever seen. He is really spunky too. I love his droopy face and his full body wrinkles.

And this is the tiniest puppy I have ever seen. I swear he is a mini-lab. His name is Peanut. I like to call him Roasted Peanut though. :D He is probably about 5 pounds. LOL And he has a perpetual look of surprise on his face. His personality reminded me A LOT of Sherman when he was a puppy.

This is Mara, she and Meade are siblings. She is her raisers first female and they actually requested another male so they are getting used to having a girl in the house. Her raisers said they are afraid to break her because she seems so fragile. She is a very nice little pup.

The rest of these pics are just cute, I took a TON of pictures at class.
Journey has an itch

Chunky Monkey playing tug (Dickens)

Meade doing puppy handling

Dickens demonstrates puppy handling.Mara
Journey is tired
Meade taking a nap
It was a fun meeting, I mostly handled Journey, Peanut, and Meade (Thanks guys for letting me steal your pups for a bit) and they are all doing so well!! Fullerton had to give me a thorough sniffing when I got home, I think he was a little upset that I was playing with other pups instead of him. Oh, well it made me happy. Now I better get a little more studying done before bed. Good Night!!


Brittany said...

Oh! They are SO cute! Robert and I will take Peanut off the club's hands any time!! He is absolutly adorable!

The Brax Blog said...

I love the pictures, puppies are always soo cute!

Erin,Bubs,Tex and Veda said...

Aaaaah to cute!! Dickins looks a lot like Jordan, the puppy I baby sat earlier this month,that dog was CHUNKY!!!

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Holy moly! Dickens IS a monstrosity! A cute monstrosity--but I can't get over how huge he is! It will be interesting to see how he grows up. I'm glad you went to the puppy meeting, too, so you could take those fab fotos. Thanks for sharing!

Tabatha said...

Meade is my favorite!!!!! I LOVE the droopy face!!! awww lab puppies!!! =) Thanks for the picture puppy fix ;)

Anna and Vortex said...

Awwwww I LOVE baby puppies......

*sigh* maybe my turn'll be soon.

Emily and the Labradors said...

Way too cute! "perpetual look of surprise" - hilarious! Indeed he does look more like a roasted Peanut though! I just wish I could squeeze all of them!

Mitch and Meade said...

You better not steal my Meady boy! What would Fullerton think? Tsk tsk!

Kelsey, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Oh gosh Peanut is about the funniest thing I have ever seen! Haha. That picture is just so cute. He does have a look of surprise plastered to his tiny face! Glad you got your puppy fix.