Thursday, October 30, 2008

I was wrong it wasn't so bad after all

Well, last night while I was finishing packing stuff up I gave Spanky a peanut butter kong. Which he loved and devoured as you can see. I love this picture it is pretty funny.
So I woke up this morning and did my finishing touches gave Spanky lots of kisses packed up his "Fun Things About my Puppy" including a few pictures. I did say that I had about a million pictures of Spanky that I was going to hold ransom until they contact me. (Whoever his new family is. lol, I am so mean) I went in the front yard and played fetch with him one last time which he loved and ran himself to exhaustion. We played until my leader showed up to take me and Spanky to Salt Lake to get on the truck. (My leader was going up anyway, she wanted to see the new puppy truck so I just bummed a ride off of her) Here is Spanky in the car on the way up. He had no idea what was going to happen.
We get to the puppy truck and it is NICE. I love it. The picture on it is absolutely adorable too. I'll bet it took a LONG time to get all those pups to stay still like that. :)
They handed out seven puppies. This part really did make me sad but those puppies are so darned CUTE! Lets see if I can remember the pups there was Saunders MYL, Nell FBL, Thurston MBL, Saranac MYL, Sakari MYL, Teesha FYL, and Millicent FBL, whew I did it. They were all so small and cute. Below is a picture of Thurston I got to pet him for a bit and he has the cutest little wrinkly face I love it. The pic is not very good, he didn't hold still for long.
Then it was time to load the returning dogs on the truck. Lee came over and asked my puppy name I said Spanky and he said "Oh, yes, he is returning today." Then he told me that it would be okay if I wanted to bring him back on Saturday night or Sunday morning. My eyes welled up and I said no, it is okay, he can go. So Lee went back on the truck to get Spankys sign in paper. Then my leader leaned over and asked me why I didn't bring him back Sunday. I couldn't give a great answer just said something like because it was so hard to get work off and if I don't it won't be worth it. "Worth it" how silly am I. Anyway then she offered to drive me and Spanky back up on Sunday herself. How could I refuse. So then Lee came off the truck with Spankys card and I said, "I think I will bring him back on Sunday." So Lee gave me all the info about the Sunday drop off and directions and everything. I really love my leader, that was so nice of her to offer. I totally would have regretted it and come Saturday/Sunday I would have been freaking out knowing that my boy was in Utah and I couldn't see him. So Spanky is still here with me and I am so happy (and I think he is too) So here is me and Spanky right before the truck took off. I guess it was a good day at the puppy truck after all. (Thanks for all the good thoughts and offers of your puppies, I really appreciate it) So I will have Spanky until Sunday and then i won't be puppyless for TOO long. :) I just have to say again MY LEADER ROCKS!!
The look on my moms face when I walked in the house with Spanky was priceless. Her eyes bugged out of her head and she nearly fell on the floor. After a little explaining she understood.

Later today was our Halloween meeting. I was kinda sad I didn't have "F" because I had cute matching costumes for me and him but it was still fun. All the pups dressed up and we did a puppy parade around the mall.

This is Forbes the witch.
Safari the Vampire.

Sparky (Sterlings brother) with a cute jester collar on.

Myra the pretty princess
Dax was there too but I never got a chance to get a picture of him. He didn't dress up but he is still cute as a button. :)

I got a little tid bit of news on "F"
It is very tentative information and who knows what could happen between now and then but in an effort to tell you what I know here it is:
GDB has scheduled for "F" and his brother (who also got sick and didn't make the truck) to fly to Utah on Tuesday (November 4th) and arrive here around 3:45 to the Salt Lake Airport.
Here is what my CFR had to say about it:

"This is VERY early info, no real plan can be made until Monday when we see how the pups are and if they are well enough to go."

So everyone say prayers and cross fingers, toes, and paws that my puppy is better by Monday and can be flown out on Tuesday. It is pretty good timing because I get off work at 3pm and can make it to the airport by 4-4:15pm ish. I will be crossing everything until I can get more info.


Elizabeth and Alana said...

Well, I'm glad your bummer of a day turned out better than expected. Enjoy Spanky's extended stay. You'll only have to be puppyless for a couple days! :)

Tom (Puppy Website) said...

Very interesting guide...I love Prudy, she is very cute.

Brittany said...

Fun!! That is great that you have Spanky until sunday!

I can't wait to hear about Mr "F" and all my fingers are crossed that he is healthy enough to be here tuesday!

Colby, Derby, Stetson, and Linus said...

Hi Megan and Spanky,

I'm glad Spanky gets to hang out with you for a few extra days. The Guide Dog Blog had a post about their new truck and even had a video of them trying to line up the puppies for the picture here's the link: Guide Dog Blog

I hope you guys have a good weekend!

Princess Coral said...

Spanky, good job on getting a few extra days with Megan! Enjoy every moment!

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Glad you get to keep Spanky a little bit longer! :) I hope everything works out for your new baby to get here this week. :)

Natalie said...

I just had to comment back to tell you how impressed I am that you know the song!!! And the movie!!! SO amazing :) We should totally have a blogger get-together and watch it and have a singalong with the puppies haha

Lisa and Ellie said...

YAY for getting to keep Spanky for a while longer! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

So excited to hear even a tidbit about "F". We have 4 paws and 10 fingers crossed you get to meet him on Tuesday! You've got our vote!!!! :)